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Forex Growth Bot (By Birt )

Gain : +18.4%
Drawdown 36.19%
Pips: 1242.0
Trades 1534
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

Jan 20 2011 at 22:22
88 posts

Are you using default settings? Did you close trades manually?


Birt (birt)
Jan 20 2011 at 22:24
166 posts
Yes, I am using default settings and I had to close the trades manually due to some crashes I've had last week. I detailed the issue in my article at

Jun 21 2011 at 06:25
3 posts
Dear Birt,
2 comments: Based on the manual that I received with the bot, you should increase your lot size since your account already increased to over 8,000 - this should increase the overall gain percentage.

Another comment, I use hotforex for this robot (as recommended by the author) and my start execution was better than yours for about 3 pips. That could be also a factor that you could mention in your article :)

Birt (birt)
Jun 23 2011 at 20:18
166 posts
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep it to 0.1 until it hits 10k. It was a mistake on my part starting it with 0.1 at 5k.

As for the start execution, a lot more factors are involved there, it could have been slippage or a different price feed, it's very hard to pinpoint the cause. Since mine does quite well already, I'm only glad to hear yours does better :)

Jul 16 2011 at 23:03
382 posts
Doing quite well? Hardly 10 % since March...

Birt (birt)
Jul 24 2011 at 13:57
166 posts
Given the fixed lot size used, 10% since March is not bad. The dramatic growth before that was caused by some problems with the EA, so it's not good as a comparison term.

Jan 24 2012 at 13:23
13 posts
Birt are you sure you have smart exit ON ?
because your trades are always open longer than usual with mine using the smart exit option ...

Jan 30 2012 at 11:33
12 posts
Any idea why the performance of FGB on this account is so much worse than on the official real money account?

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