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Forex Laser + Forex Robot (By G3nn99 )

Gain : +122.3%
Drawdown 59.09%
Pips: 1411.0
Trades 2344
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

Forex Laser + Forex Robot Discussion

Apr 23 2012 at 11:02
78 posts
Could you please share the risk or lot size you are using compared to the master account? Did you change anything concerning these?
Apr 24 2012 at 06:15
2 posts
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have another EA on this account.
For Laser Forex, I use the folowing parameter:

CalculateLotsMode : 1 = RiskScalping
RiskScalping : Use to adjust risk according to risk used by master for a trand.
If master balance is 10.000 and lot size is 0.10; a slave with balance = 5.000 will opend trade with lot=0.05
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