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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

Mar 02 2011 at 12:00
12 posts

rootkit posted:
    my fxdd account is different from thinkforex. Well, these two days look like FGB is entering at the top of a breakout, and the wave was struggle, I think it's no good for ranging market.

Thanks the FGB doesn't place the same trades on ur FXDD account like it does on Thinkforex? Wow, if that is so then i may have to reconsider using FXDD

Mar 02 2011 at 12:28
14 posts
Yes, it seems to be working best on Thinkforex. I have tried even on alpari demo and its different.
FXDD feed doesnt seem to match well to FGB.
If you use 4xsuperstore page to open thinkforex account, you will get 0.3pips rebate back on your trades as well. (each 100 trades you getting extra 30pips!)

I think the bot is due a winner!

Mar 02 2011 at 13:13
40 posts
it should have enter the market earlier today as price broke through resistance level.. and the indicator showed a buy signal......lets see what will happen with this trade.. no gain to lock with a trail...

Mar 02 2011 at 13:55
12 posts

ksnikos2000 posted:
    it should have enter the market earlier today as price broke through resistance level.. and the indicator showed a buy signal......lets see what will happen with this trade.. no gain to lock with a trail...

What indicator are you referring to ksnikos2000? do u know exactly the conditions that the ea is trading by?

Mar 02 2011 at 14:01
14 posts
you can use the custom indicator it came with.
Look in your custom indicator folder, you will see it.
I see what ksnikos2000 is saying, it lit up green arrow on the bar prior to entry, was about 20pip better entry,

Mar 02 2011 at 15:16
40 posts
Yes thats right yoyofx! It was so unlucky with this trade today just closed it little before the trend reverses..... lets see if it is going to place other trades...

Mar 02 2011 at 15:22
4 posts
Ermmm - sorry, if you know that why not then trade manually (semi-auto with it)? How do you know?

I think it is always 'easy' to say: should da, would da etc...

How do you know? Who knows in fact? except Eugene himself?

I will let it do its thing - my money will be there for at least one or 2 months and I will judge afterwards...

I do not trade manually and I do not know/want to trade manually - I want to trust a robot and I am giving it a chance.

Today, I admit I closed some trades manually as it was the beginning with this Bot but I will try to 'kill' my emotions and let it do its thing: I expect some losses though :-) - In fact, I expect 5 or 6 losses first.

Yes, I am very pessimistic in general at the beginning :-)!

Thank you for your feedback/help

compuforexpamm (compuforexpamm)
Mar 02 2011 at 16:49
265 posts

LivenFX posted:
    hi.. yup i use the default.
somehow, what catch my attention is to play with the trail start #, & trail %
The trail %, if you longed for higher locking profit then put e.g. (From 50%) 66% for instance, it should lock when pips goes -ve direction. Alway a but, then also potentially missing chance to wait for spike profits if the instrument fluctuation is high.

The latest TRAILING EA has come with default 80% of trail_percent (correct me if am wrong).

seriously, i am still blur on how the decay works blehhhhhhh

Hi guys,

The reason behind the decay is that it makes this trail highly customisable.......

With a normal trail, if you were trailing at 50%, you would lose half the pips that were locked in at any one time, so lets say, the profit runs to 200 pips, you will eventually only bank 100 pips on the retrace. My thinking is that it would be nice to lock in more of those 200 pips.
The trail allows you to provide a wide trail eg 80% and then wind the trail in over time. In fact, you could use this as nothing more than a move to break even if you prefer. ie trail @ 100% after say 30 pips with use decay false.

The exact settings will be a function of the strategy that you use to enter. If you are using a breakout strategy on the GBPUSD as an example, my studies tell me that the average breakout lasts 50 minutes before a significant retracement occurs. You would then have a wide trail....maybe 100% from 10 pips and then at 45 minutes I would use the exponential decay to rapidly move the trail to 10% and then leave it there.

These settings will be different if you are using a trend following strategy......

I don't trade FGB, so I cannot tell you the best settings for FGB. Run some tests on demo and compare is the best way to find out the optimum settings. I am working on developing an adaptive technology where the EA will record its trades and analyse various outcomes with different settings to determine the optimum settings......sort of like self-optimisation.

Mar 03 2011 at 00:00
1 posts
hi! The past few trades were around 30+ pips profit/loss. Just curious if how did the initial 100+pips profit came about. I am serious about FGB and hope to know more about it.

osarun (osarun)
Mar 03 2011 at 04:09
55 posts
Hi > all
I am testing Growth Bot in IamFX, ThinkForex, Pepperstone, FinFX, FX Primus, EXNESS, UK.
But every broker has different results.
Which is correct?

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