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FX Robot (by DominicMillan)

The user has deleted this system.
May 30 2010 at 05:52
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'You just can't arbitrage in the modern Forex market as it's 'superliquid' and the prices are always absolutely balanced.'

this and more extracted from:

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
Damon (Damon)
Jun 02 2010 at 06:26
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like2fx posted:
    There is nothing illegal about 'arbitrage' trading. Any hedge fund worth it's salt uses 'small margin guarranteed profit' strategies. These strategies are difficult to implement and only a few can do it profitably. With increasing popularity of high frequency trading, this trend is bound to increase.

These ideas are as old as time, but only implmentations keep changing with time & markets.

Index Arb is the biggest example, though more complicated than just spot trading. Mispricing is common in both spot, future, options market for any commodity .. and if you can use the edge .. it' s your's to keep !

I agree -Any STP brokerage will allow this EA. Bucket shops (who take the risk) will not, you are cheating them from the pips they are trying to cheat you out of.

I have an edit... almost 2 weeks in my live account and I cannot get it profitable... with any setting... even reversing the trades it would not work, I have been thinking about buying a super fast market feed to try that... but I am already getting bored with this robot... And totally pissed that there is some douche out there trying profiting from stealing some code and selling a dream. He'll get whats comin :)

1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Damon (Damon)
Jun 02 2010 at 06:32
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primevalea posted:
    'You just can't arbitrage in the modern Forex market as it's 'superliquid' and the prices are always absolutely balanced.'

this and more extracted from:

Wrong Arbitrage, they are talking about multi pair Arbitrage in that forum, and the guy who posted that reply is thinking one pair price lag Arbitrage. Totally different. There is no such thing as 'absolute'.

1 pip pip banked is worth more than the rest out in the market.
Jun 04 2010 at 05:11
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I can agree that most brokers will not allow you to do so. Check the performance of the ea in my profile, it is on demo, the settings are conservative. It works great and can be commercial product, but no one will let it earn on real accounts. The only way you can make it work is to agree with broker certain % of daily income (with account 50 000+) and pay commission fee from each trade. The ea in my profile is for private use only, do not ask me to sell it.

Jun 04 2010 at 21:55
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This live account is more than likely with Global Clearing Group. In the past this broker has allowed a few traders to have success with this EA, but they usually manipulate prices against their clients. Hopefully the next version of FX Genius will work this well with more reputable brokers.

Jun 16 2010 at 10:37
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FX Robot (DominicMillan)
Jun 17 2010 at 15:03
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Hi Setrox,

wow, you are the owner too. I don't remember that I was working with anybody else on it or selling the copyrights. Sure, you might be an owner if you bought a copy from me which I don't recall or stole it. Or made a copy later. Anyway, enjoy your ownership. Congratulations.

Jun 17 2010 at 16:07
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Hello Dominic, i sent you an email exaclty 2 hours ago, i asked many things, maybe you did not have time to answer me yet. Please, reply me with every answers, i will be great to try to purchase the EA.

Below you can see the email too.

Hello Dear Dominic Millan,

Nice to contact you !
I m trying forex market since long time ago. I know the opportunity of this market, but i do not know how make money consistent with him yet. I tested many Expert Advisors (EA), i lost a little money with some and i tryed others free EAs that have in some foruns and on the internet. I did not test 1 week, but over 2 weeks or till 1 month and never worked and brought profits to my demo and live accounts.

I saw in MyFxBook your EA and your phase ( This is my own system. I am sharing it with other traders. If interested mail me at )


My questions are, Your account opened in MyFxBook is LIVE ACCOUNT ?

1 - I have a live account with MIG Bank, small, with around $250, can i use your system in this live account ?

2 - What difference use your system to ECN feed or market marker like MIG Bank ?

3 - I tried every account in your website to watch, but did not open every, some is invalid, but ok ! Can you send me some login/pass/server of some live account working daily to i watch ?

4 - Can you send me your EA demo version to test some days ? Or live version to use 1 week for example ?

5 - Your EA works same in DEMO and live accounts ? Live account do not get requotes because its scalp ?

6 - I saw you are selling your fantastic EA by $2000, can you give me disccounts please ?

7 - Can you put your system on $500 in my MIG bank live account, make money and i pay you ?

8 - What much robot do you have ?

9 - Can i refund back my money if your EA does not work in my live account ?

10 - $500 in my live account, MIG bank to $2000 profits, can i make in how long time ?

11 - Can i use the robot to many accounts in my name or family name ?

12 - i m watching your account number 1108068 with $6750.93 now, i m watching it, this is demo, right ? Your system is a big scalp, can its work in live account ? i think will be not allowed ! Tell me how are you using it to live account please !

Sorry ! Many questions, but the market is crazy, maybe i m crazy, etc...have many falses people and products on the internet !

Please, answer me every questions, i will be happy and glad.

I hope can purchase the Robot ASAP !

Regards, sorry many questions, you will help me a lot answering.


Jun 17 2010 at 22:13
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All I want is just one single person who bought this to vouch for it.

Jun 18 2010 at 00:30
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keep lookin... lol

in it's current form the EA is a very simple arbitrage that simply can't work in real world in the current form

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