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FX Robot (by DominicMillan)

The user has deleted this system.
ProvyTrading (provy)
Jun 18 2010 at 05:20
2 posts
I have the robot, and is not very easy to make it work, and MIG did not stop using it ....

Jun 18 2010 at 09:02
16 posts
Well when i say owner i mean i have the robot and i buy it from you dominic, i dont try never to say im a reseller
i ask for ppl who have the EA so we can talk about it and see the results, Thats all.

So if someone who have the EA like me can send me a msg to talk about it will be cool.


Jun 18 2010 at 14:16
56 posts
According to the web site, this acct thats listed on the top of the home page , from June 1 until now t had 339 trades.
Gross Profit: 13 575.00 Gross Loss: 12 200.00 Total Net Profit: ***1,375.00 ***
Profit Factor: 1.11 Expected Payoff: 4.06
Absolute Drawdown: 150.00 Maximal Drawdown: 4 450.00 (0.80%) Relative Drawdown: 0.80% (4 450.00)
Total Trades: 339 Short Positions (won %): 164 (37.80%) Long Positions (won %): 175 (32.57%)
Profit Trades (% of total): 119 (35.10%) Loss trades (% of total): 220 (64.90%)
Largest profit trade: 750.00 loss trade: -130.00
Average profit trade: 114.08 loss trade: -55.45
Maximum consecutive wins ($): 7 (1 075.00) consecutive losses ($): 13 (-720.00)
But that is using 5.0 lots on all trades. So $50 bucks a pip roughly. 1375/50 bucks a pip =27.5

So superfxrobot so far in June has netted about 27 pips on this acct.

It would take a long time to get your 2k investment back if trading under 5 full lots which most everyone is of course.

RODRAGON (rsalas)
Jun 18 2010 at 21:19
37 posts
If someone has the EA Dominic and want to know from which Broker is doing arbitrage, use the netstat command in DOS, this command indicate all connections you have set your computer, within which are the brokers (or APIs) involved in the arbitration.


Jun 18 2010 at 21:26
56 posts
The user sets up which brokers to use. so its no secret to the EA user. The ea doesnt come pre coded with broker connections.

RODRAGON (rsalas)
Jun 18 2010 at 21:31
37 posts
Can you tell me what are the Brokers please?

Steve B (stevetrade)
Jun 18 2010 at 22:03
1408 posts
There come a time people when you have to accept that you are flogging a dead horse. This EA does not work on a genuine broker account. There are some brokers that it works with for a while but then they ask you to stop using it or refuse to allow you to withdraw your money.

The owner I guess has come to some arrangement or performed some other subterfuge to allow him to show withdrawals at a dodgy broker. Hence his reluctance to reveal his broker. If you buy the EA off him he tells you which brokers he is using but then it still doesn't work.

The fact that the owner charges an additional $100 each time he recodes your EA for a new set of brokers speaks volumes for this EA as I can tell you that the changes involved in this - which Dominic claims take him a long time - take roughly 2 minutes.

I don't generally speak up against other people's systems on this site as I feel everyone has the right to show their systems on here but after being contacted now by several people who have bought the EA and have failed to get it to work and are now faced with the loss of $2000 I thought I'd better say something.

Do not buy this EA. Do not even give it any consideration. You are wasting valuable time that could be better directed elsewhere.

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
RODRAGON (rsalas)
Jun 18 2010 at 22:14
37 posts
I did not think to buy it, I just wanted to know which is their primary source of prices to arbitration, I imagine it is some API but is not it is, I tried searching the price difference between metatrader and API Order2Go (using c #) but the difference prices are not relevant as to implement a winning system.
If anyone knows the source of the prices we could do something interesting, I have friends Brokers, we could reach an agreement that suits us all. (But must first prove that it works)

Steve B (stevetrade)
Jun 19 2010 at 07:12
1408 posts
Dominic claims several brokers work for the feed. Jade Fx he claims is one of the best. I have tried it, it doesn't work

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
Forex Invest Group (Vadim Kalinin) (ForexInvestGroup)
Jun 21 2010 at 23:36
39 posts
RODRAGON I possess such a system. Me and my programmer created a similar system and it is 4 times faster. The robot and the idea of Dominic is very good. I had a great desire to buy him this robot. But, unfortunately, Dominique did not answer my questions. I did not wait any longer and explore this idea and I am in the hands of a fully functional system of our production. But there is the main problem! On the demo accounts robot works very well. In real analysis, I tested in FxPro. 80% of orders are not executed. Constant requotes. I put the 3 points slip, but it does not help. The broker sees the entrance to the 100% accurate and profitny and prevents artificially. This is proved very simply. Simultaneously with the order of the robot, I'm doing an order with sliding 0 points hands and my hands command is executed, and a robot with parameter 3 points requotes. Exactly only the first 240 minutes of work robot on a real account with no problems. Dilling FxPro removed from the answers to my claim for the execution of orders. They (FxPro) can not prove that you are using arbitration quotes. My system uses 6 files of experts and one aggregator and I do not use a hard disk for sharing information. Example of two days full days can be found here
I invite you to consider my offer of cooperation. If your friends will be able to provide the opportunity to trade using this robot, it will be good. We can discuss the modalities of cooperation. Special thanks to Dominic for the idea. But you are not doing the right thing say something about the most important problems and hiding broker who actually makes it possible to trade on your robot. I found one of your customers from Hungary and review your system. Do you have configured is slippage on opening 0 points to close 0.3 points. With these parameters on real accounts will not work robot in profit on 99.9% of brokers around the world and it is a fact. Requotes is the main problem! everything else works very well and I have more information about fast brokers. As instructed by Dominique Quotes 5 digits after the decimal point, he offers only two broker. I have the information yet, plus 6 brokers. In the demo they show a very good deal. I repeat - if we solve the problem with the rapid execution of orders and lack of requotes in most orders, the system will generate a very good profit. Profitable trades ranged from 83 to 100%! Requotes not a problem of rapid market that is not the desire to give the broker the trader to earn from 600% to 3000% and more in a month. I am ready to bring you a 50% profit in a suitcase in cash if you can provide a good broker.

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