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FXJETBOT (By fxjetbot )

Gain : +1680.61%
Drawdown 46.22%
Pips: 6384.5
Trades 253
Type: Real
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated

FXJETBOT Discussion

Feb 11 at 07:02
4 posts
What a risky strategy, with those super-sized trades you each time risk blowing the account. Is it possible to disable them in the EA?
Feb 13 at 04:23
7 posts
Hello! You are free to use any risk you want. This account trades with the fixed lot (it just was increased according to the growing deposit) and the amount of the lot depends on the risks that you set. Only once and only for one order it had increased trade lot and you can see it on the graph.
James (james_molinas)
Feb 13 at 04:33
32 posts
Very dangerous drawdown!
Prince Sajir (princesajir)
Feb 13 at 08:33
127 posts
Indeed, the drawdown of this strategy is not very competitive.
Feb 13 at 18:30
4 posts
That's true, it's just for one order. But it happens quite regularly in backtest (for AUDUSD 15x in 5 years), and each time the risk is the complete account. Still considerable because of the impressive growth. But still a super high risk. You've got courage not to withdraw even the deposit ;)
Feb 15 at 07:04
7 posts
Hello everyone!
I want to tell you that the drawdown is a very relative thing. Easy math. We could use twice lower risk and our drawdown would be about 23% and profit in that case also would be twice lower - nearly 660%. I believe in that case you wouldn't say that 23% is too big a drawdown, but 660% of profit would still be excellent considering that it is only for 4 months of trading.

My point is in that you are free to use any risk you want with FX JetBot and if you want, you can have a low drawdown and still good profit because the ratio between profitability and drawdown of our robot is very good.

On our trading account, we just tried to show the full potential of our robot.

Best regards
Feb 15 at 19:49
4 posts
Well, you risked 27.8 k$ with a 10.9 k$ balance. So if you use 20% the risk and the big trade fails, you have less than 50% in the account.
So is there an option to disable the kamikaze trade?
Feb 18 at 20:01
7 posts
Hello blackmole!
I think you have mixed up something because there was never '27.8 k$ with a 10.9 k$ balance'. For now, the risk on our account is 30%. It means if the strategy crashes and we get a loss (with 'big trade fails') we will not lose more than 30% of our balance.
Feb 18 at 20:18
4 posts
In the backtest I can see that those big trades have a TP of 100 pips and a SL of 1200 pips. Assuming that the strategy is the same for the live account, it's just simple math. That's not a 30% risk, but a 255% risk. Or do you have an additional drawdown protection active that is not there in the backtests? From the EURGBP backtest I can see a 85.6% relative drawdown, so you fixed the numbers well there to ever so slightly not blow up the account - but if you would put a 30% DD stop in place, the numbers would certainly look a lot different.
Feb 19 at 03:54
8 posts
Hi, is there anyone here using this bot and happy share the results privately??.
Feb 20 at 13:32
1 posts
Please can you share the bot.
Thank you
Feb 21 at 19:23
7 posts
Hi blackmole!
Yes, you are right we use the active system of drawdown control. StopLoss for the recovering trades ('big trades') uses a big range. If a specified drawdown occurs this recovering trade will close by the robot, not by StopLoss. So this calculation is not suitable in this case.

At the backtest that you mentioned (EURGBP) we used 90% risk, to show the profitability of the system. Also available backtests with 35% risks. There no matter what risk you will specify, FX JetBot will calculate the lot in that way so all strategies will work correctly without cutting off strategies too early or too late. I mean if you set one account with 10% risk and another one with 50% risk, and any drawdown will occur, this drawdown will be at the same time.
Darth Revan (businessguy)
Feb 26 at 07:17
56 posts
Do we get access to the actual ea or is this just a copier service?
Feb 27 at 12:59
1 posts
What is the risk limit of the EA you are currently running?
Mar 03 at 21:36
7 posts
Hello Darth Revan! After purchasing you get MT4 and MT5 versions of Expert Advisors. To get more technical details, please contact our support department:

Hi gnosis0922! I already said above that we use a 30% risk on this account.
Mar 10 at 07:12
1 posts
Newb question-

Are there any US fx brokers that are suitable for use w/fxjetbot? Just wondering how the US leverage limitations will affect results.

Mar 18 at 17:34
4 posts
Hi, i have a question,
If you using min deposit for 0.01 lot that will give us around 30% risk for each of the 5 EA's.
This would meen that the total combine risk would be 5 x 30% = around 150% of the balance.
Calculated this way at the begining you used a combined risk of 500% and now a 190% risk.
I am using the recomended 20% risk for each EA's that gives me a 100% risk.

My question is: can we safely use a 30% risk for each EA? Meaning that the probability of all EA's going on max DD is low enuff for that to work.
Mar 20 at 18:44
7 posts
Hello singlefin!
Yes, sure. FXJetBot is not much required to leverage, but still, bigger is better for possibilities. With low leverage, you will be able to trade with safe/normal risks, not with aggressive ones. To have concrete numbers, please contact our support department:
Mar 20 at 18:57
7 posts
Hi m0rius!
Max drawdown for FXJetBot even for one trading pair is a very rare situation. So based on the theory of probability (and statistics), we believe that situation when all 5 settings work on 5 different trading pairs will have max drawdown in the exact moment is almost impossible. But anyway to protect our clients from any possible and 'impossible' situations, in the user manual we recommend using not more than 20% risk for each pair.
Mar 21 at 06:28
4 posts
Ty, it realy helps me run EA in best conditions and with best settings.
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