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Gamblers Dream 1.6 (By FXScotty )

The user has deleted this system.

Gamblers Dream 1.6 Discussion

May 07 2017 at 07:22
93 posts
May 15 2017 at 06:28
93 posts
Setting designs in place for next version. Available to customers.

Condition to stay out of bad trades where grid will be at highest risk.
Grid will be based on Dynamic Fibonacci levels or pre-selected levels based on price action.

Stay Tuned.
May 15 2017 at 06:56
6 posts
i am a trader, i am trading with master invest of Teletrade. I have gained approximate 80% over the year. Terminal of Teletrade has a stable running as well not be requotes every single time that i putted an order when i copied any transaction from these Master invest. Good Trading !
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