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High VaR (By ConsultcareFX )

Gain : +95.75%
Drawdown 4.21%
Pips: 32406.4
Trades 16009
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

High VaR Discussion

Oct 25 2016 at 11:11
14 posts
Blaming! Dcfxbroker does not pay profit ! is a typical network swindler, who has been operating in the forex industry, even despite the fact that for some time paid profit. It is regulated by no one and nowhere to be registered. At this point, he stopped to pay a profit , referring to the check of my trades liquidity provider, which is kept secret. I would suggest that in fact the liquidity provider does not exist. The company has several sites with different registration, but all of them - this is one company that has nothing to do with the way should behave honest broker! Here is the proof:
All I found sites:,,,
First of all I want to mention - and has the same name servers (DCFXBROKER.COM), the same IP location server (New Jersey - Secaucus - Interserver Inc). Additionally, I enclose a copy of the correspondence with that hosts the logo of their partner, while the manager denies any association .
Also I was able to find the information useful for lawyers, talking about what the company (aka is registered as a financial liquidity provider . But I'm not sure that the Commission itself has not been created by the same swindlers, and has some influence .
Proof that just turned one letter and made another company called This is a screenshot with the transfer of the site, which is laid out part of the seminar «FX21 seminar travel notes, Part 1' last March 13, 2015 in Budapest, Vecsés Airport Hotel Stáció . All obvious and they do not deny. These companies act as one clan and regularly conduct seminars. They even have a joint investment account .
It may be that is not part of the clan, but it is not. using a bank in Slovakia to transfer funds . is also in Slovakia . In addition, they have the same list of awards , as the same sites of all four companies!
On you can try to find the site owners. And that's what it shows: . Further on information from scamadviser I found this man he lives in Hungary, and it borders with Slovakia. He pointed Different Choice FBC Inc place of work, which confirms its relationship with this company. In fact, he the owner of the company
Till the last moment the broker replied promptly to emails and continued to refer to his secret liquidity provider. This is the last letter received from the company . Based on the letter I can conclude that the company is just stalling for time in order to collect the necessary amount to pay me (based on the receipt of funds from new customers), or just continue to enrich themselves at the expense of new customers are not expecting anything to give back!
More than half a year delay withdrawal of funds, I think is more than enough to consider it held scam !
P.S. Create a company to provide brokerage services without a license, and quality control is not so difficult! Just redraw the graph of quotes and deliver to their customers, thus simulating real trading market is not huge labor and astronomical capital investments. Much more important active advertising on the network and staff in the chapter director of the company who are ready to lie in the eyes and ears day and night without interruption. In this case, investment will pay off with a full! Unfortunately, these companies appear faster than disappearing into the network. That is the reality!
I invite you to discuss publicly the resource

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