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Ikon Royal (By fx_midaso )

Gain : -1230.79%
Drawdown 99.26%
Pips: -4361.0
Trades 608
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

Ikon Royal Discussion

Jan 08 2010 at 19:31
11 posts
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Jan 08 2010 at 21:30
879 posts
😲are u kidding?? demos are for test drives, not the real account...U watching since a year losing money w/o stopping the mess?? Its hard to believe .....
Jan 09 2010 at 02:52
11 posts
U believe in robots, i believe in humans. demo accounts doesn't involve same psycology with real account trading. i'm trying different methods until i find the right one that suits me. i consider this as learning process, losing is part of the game. you can't understand joy if u dont know pain.
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Jan 09 2010 at 03:43
879 posts
Uff, that's a pretty masochistic trading approach IMHO

I traded my first 3 years manually and i lost (very small) accounts too. Since i switched to EA trading i made money.
  Your equity curve shows u made not much progress in your learning process in the past year. In this case its nonsense to trade on real account. Back to demo till constant profits will save u a lot of money and will give u a lot more of joy w/o all these depressing pain.. otherwise u are building up a losing attitude probably
I spent so far about 30.000 hours in front of charts and even i m pretty good in manual trading, the automatic systems are able to trade 24/5 and without any emotions, means, psico- rollercoaster and sleepless nights are not an issue anymore.😎

BTW, behind every successful robot is a well skilled human mind.😄
Jan 09 2010 at 06:21
19 posts
I agree with both of you, demo accounts dont involve the same psychology, but why not start with a 1c / 10c pip account? 😲
Jan 09 2010 at 07:03
941 posts
Well, how does one loose 1000% and not 100% ?

And which broker?

I'm considering saving accounts like these. But very often it's brokerage dependent. $250 isn't much to work with.

Jan 09 2010 at 08:05
941 posts
Unfortunately people don't always start with $5000, some start with $1 000 000, know one guy that lost that in 2 weeks. Had about $35k left. Small percentage, but still big enough money to rescue.
Sep 17 2021 at 18:54
5 posts
Small percentage, but still big enough money to rescue... keep it
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