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Invesard 2.X GBPUSD (OLD!) (By geektrader)

Gain : -17.57%
Drawdown 30.65%
Pips: -69.4
Trades 38
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Invesard 2.X GBPUSD (OLD!) Discussion

Jun 04 at 10:57
2 posts

This signal has stopped being updated. Why? My friend - Longsen Chen - uses this strategy and his account has suffered consecutive losses since you last updated the signal. What is going on?

Thank you,

Jun 12 at 13:42
1 posts
After yesterday's loss, my account is down by $29,000. So far there are only losses for my account and the actual performance of Invesard resembles the multi-year performance of this signal. I hope the performance improves soon;

Jun 13 at 12:39
153 posts
Hello Frank,

I am sorry to hear this. We are currently in a drawdown phase indeed, but it´s all within expectations and statistics of the 35 years backtest. Please see the attached image. I also hope that we will be back on track soon, but please always make sure to select your risk wisely by using the risk table on the product page and only trade with money that you can lose:

Thank you and best regards,



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