mtmaster icmarkets (By murphy369)

Gain : +7103.77%
Drawdown 1.28%
Pips: 1425.0
Trades 2425
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

mtmaster icmarkets Discussion

Jun 07 at 08:40
4 Replies
Member Since Aug 19, 2021   2 posts
Jun 07 at 13:05
Unbelievable!!! How did you do this?
Member Since Jun 05, 2024   3 posts
Jun 07 at 21:47
I am looking for profitable traders with:
-120 pips per day (or over 2 days),
- 2% maximum draw per day.
Please reply to me if you match my search.
Member Since Aug 19, 2021   2 posts
Jun 10 at 16:35
I can't believe my eyes. Can you make money in other brokers?
Member Since Jun 07, 2024   2 posts
Jun 11 at 02:22
Of course, I will upload more of my results with other brokers next.
Member Since Jan 09, 2019   10 posts
Jun 12 at 09:44
please update and why u give ur telegram if u dnt want to reply ,,so remove it why ppl want to talk u..if u dnt msg or reply
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