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REV Trader PRO REAL (By revtraderpro)

Gain : +3474.7%
Drawdown 24.25%
Pips: 3809.5
Trades 938
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

REV Trader PRO REAL Discussion

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Oct 15 2014 at 05:54
1557 posts
One other questions, I notice that commissions have only recently started to be charged at $7 a lot, previously was it a market maker account (broker earning of spreads), and now an ECN STP? Wondering why commissions weren't accruing before?

Oct 15 2014 at 06:51
41 posts
This is the most promising EA I've seen in a long time if all the orders are really operated by your EA. Keep on tracking it to see if it's worth to buy.

Oct 15 2014 at 18:45
58 posts
revtraderpro posted:
You control risk, you can do fixed lot or money management, I'm doing fixed lot. Money management works well based on risk % you use. I used high leverage and all it took were a few winning trades in the beginning to balance out the smaller account size. Yes slightly risky, but can easily use less lots and achieve excellent return as well.

Please tell us how you decided to start the 10th december ? how to choose the best date to start ? it is all about that, if you start at the bad moment with 4900 usd you got margi call...

you got fixed lots size and sometimes 20K usd losses in total in some days...

so you know that it was the good tilme to start please help us before we buy to start with 4900 usd like you with big risk

mashahid (mashahid)
Oct 17 2014 at 19:08
90 posts
Is it broker sensitive? Or it works on low spread accounts only ? Can you post back test with money management with 5% risk.

Oct 19 2014 at 06:42
106 posts
Sorry guys I've been very busy, I want to try to answer all questions here, but I can't if you need to ask me questions please email Thanks!

Oct 19 2014 at 06:52
76 posts
Just purchased EA and will be trying it on live account this week. Decided to go with a 2% risk noting that the EA can open a max of three trades per currency pair. I need to point out that the number of trades can be limited at ones discretion by changing this setting of the EA.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Oct 19 2014 at 11:12
1557 posts
Gwindy if you decide to do a 99% backtest on 2% risk would love to see the results as I know a few of us are waiting to see backtest results before deciding to purchase. Unfortunately the vendor has chosen to not share backtest results.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Oct 19 2014 at 11:57
1557 posts
if you use a standard 1 lot per trade the contribution of the 4 currencies to the 718% return, is 349% AUDUSD, 195% NZDUSD, 74% EURUSD, 100% GBPUSD. With a possibility of 3 open trades per pair with stop losses ranging from 55,90,120,150 total theoretical stop loss would be 1,245 (hard stop loss if lost internet connection, and EA had 3 open trades per pair). so 2% risk seems prudent, although going to see if can analyse if max trades was 2 per pair, what the resulting return would have been filtering out any trades that wouldn't have been made with the max 2 trades per pair restriction being active.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Oct 19 2014 at 12:30
1557 posts
If max 2 trades per pair was active the return would have been reduced to 542% which is still very impressive so the ability to have 3 positions open (additional positions in same direction same pair function) added 176% if trading fixed lots (1) over the time frame live test been running versus a max of 2 trades per pair. very interesting EA.

Oct 19 2014 at 13:42
471 posts
aeronthomas posted:
I just analyzed all trades to see what the profit figure would be in gross percentage terms if all trades were fixed at 1 lot, instead of 2,3,5 and 8. the profit would have been 718.36% instead of 3,730.81% still a very impressive result.

if uptrend, enter buy after the 3rd H4 Down Bar and if downtrend, enter a sell after the 3rd H4 Upbar.

the trending filter could be something from a longer term view.

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