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REV Trader PRO REAL (By revtraderpro )

Gain : +3474.7%
Drawdown 24.25%
Pips: 3809.5
Trades 938
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

REV Trader PRO REAL Discussion

fughe (fughe)
Oct 25 2014 at 18:40
724 posts
So far, I have been told 'The extra charge is for international fees and VAT'. I find this a bit odd, as I am a US citizen and have never been charged these fees before.

Make losses, but always come out a winner at the end.
Batcheler (Batcheler)
Oct 25 2014 at 18:46
200 posts
So therefore he's in another country.

don't believe 99.9% of the EA e-ads out there my friends!
Oct 25 2014 at 18:48
167 posts
I guess he's in another country then. Attached is the email I got from them and this is the address listed on there.


fughe (fughe)
Oct 25 2014 at 18:54
724 posts
So far, according to everything I have seen, there is no reason a US resident should be charged VAT.

Make losses, but always come out a winner at the end.
Batcheler (Batcheler)
Oct 26 2014 at 00:08
200 posts
So fughe, keep us informed how it runs and hook it up to myfxbook! :)
If real money try a micro lot to go cautiously at first.
If bad by 58 days request refund. Let us know! :)

don't believe 99.9% of the EA e-ads out there my friends!
fughe (fughe)
Oct 26 2014 at 01:39
724 posts
It will be on real money, but I won't be making the account public because there will be other systems in there with it. I plan on allowing it to trade fixed 0.01 lot until it has proven itself.....or it has been refunded.

Make losses, but always come out a winner at the end.
Oct 26 2014 at 07:35
106 posts
If you want to ask me questions, I can't keep going on this chat, as I'm busy, please email

Oct 26 2014 at 07:37
8 posts
Commissions: -$119.00 for 1,339 how??

if ur acc is ecn one then need to pay 9373$ as Commissions

where i am wronge

jamesphuc (jamesphuc)
Oct 26 2014 at 07:39
88 posts
Hi Revtraderpro,

1. It seems that some of us here think the Money Management of your EA is not properly or wisely coded or so?

Why don't you set up Money Management on your EA on your live account, but you prefer to use FIXED LOT SIZE ? What is the main reason for this usage of fixed lot size instead of Money Management Risk %?

It's not good and inconvenient for the users like us to set up the fixed lot size on your ea to trade our live account, because of following reasons:

aaa. We do not know on which account size that we should set up lot size of 0.1 lot, 0.2, 0.5, 1 lot, 2 lots, 3 lots, etc, so that your ea will trade on our live account PROFITABLY while GIVING ENOUGH ROOM for our accounts to sustain the volatile markets and maintain low, reasonable drawdown under 30%.

bbb. Because as human beings, we are often greedy, and so, when we see your ea can trade and make good profits, we will have tendency to increase the fixed lot size so much, and this will surely damage / put high risk of burning our live accounts when market is against our trades so much.

ccc. So, the best way to remove all human emotions is the use the proper Money Management on the ea, and let the ea increase or decrease the LOT SIZEs correctly when our account equity is up / or down.

2. Can you suggest some good brokers that we can use your ea on to trade with them?

3. Can you set up another small live account of 500 usd on any other broker and set up the Money Management rules of 3% - 6% per trade to let your ea trade for 1 or 2 months, and all of us will see and monitor how good it is when using the Money Management rule of 3% - 6% instead of using FIXED LOT SIZE as you are using now?

Not many of us can afford to put 3k to 5k on real account to trade your ea at beginning. So, using small money to prove your ea still performs well will make us feel safe and comfortable when we purchase your ea and use it on our live account.

Please also note that many of us have lost lots of money by using bad eas so far, and so, we are prudent about this issue. Personally, I lost more than 50k usd (yes, more than 50,000 usd) due to using bad eas and also some bad signal providers for the last 2 years.

So, now, I am very very careful when using a new ea. I am very happy and ready to purchase the good, reliable, and long-term profit making ea, and so, I asked all above questions to make me feel SAFE AND CONFIDENT again.

+++ To Gwindy, and other friends here: Thanks a lot for your reply to my questions above.

Waiting for your reply and further information to all my above questions soon.

Thanks a lot

James Phuc

Oct 26 2014 at 07:40
119 posts
Anyone bought it and got good results?

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