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SniperTrader (By mamorostfx )

The user has deleted this system.

SniperTrader Discussion

mamorostfx (mamorostfx)
May 23 2015 at 20:46
47 posts
Trader is like sniper, analyzing everything
before pulling the trigger.
Wind direction, air temperature, distance,
risk, entry and exit points. Sniper can survive
without food and sleep for days just
to pull one shot. Patience, emotional stability,
ability to adapt,
And perfect calculation is the
most important key!!
one shot, one kill
we are trader
we are sniper!!
one click
we kill the market

My Trade My Adventure
May 24 2015 at 00:38
85 posts
It looks like the 'Holy Grail'...

May 24 2015 at 01:43
795 posts
How did it do in back testing and what settings did you use for spread?

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