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straightupluzr (By zzzero )

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straightupluzr Discussion

Mar 25 2011 at 22:38
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i am so awesomely tired.

Mar 25 2011 at 23:27
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there are few people in the trading world that would not consider this account as having failed.

so, it looks like mr margolese is pretty much washed up as far as the trading/teaching/mentoring business is concerned.

this is bruce's fxmanaged game account:

Mar 25 2011 at 23:34
1367 posts
while my automated trades are running, i will enjoy sitting around and playing a friendly game of sink the trader.

the goal of the game will be to wipe out financially the traders that are listed on the sink the traders list.

mark jackson
shariar and his russian concubine
bruce margolese

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Mar 25 2011 at 23:39
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Mar 26 2011 at 05:52
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i have such a monstrous coding job in front of me.

it is not really that big, it is just that i am not geared up properly to undertake it.

no worries.

i have balls like a rhino.

i can and will do it.


Mar 26 2011 at 10:50
735 posts
LUZR? Someone capable of writing a 'clean, logical, well-readable and straightforward' program is not a LUZR.

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What a nice rhino. Do you like animals? I do. Dogs are often more grateful than people. You feed a dog for three days it will remember you for three years. So say the chinese. They also say you feed a cat for three years and it will forget your kindness in three days. Well cats are not that bad. Cats like to keep themselves clean and they usually hide away when they poop. And dogs? You have to train your dog to use the litter box. Cats do that instinctively. Birds? Oh, they poop everywhere. It's like they find it pleasurable not to comply with expectations and defecate anywhere they please. Could defecation be their way of expressing individuality and autonomy? I shit therefore I am. Freud might say birds are 'anal explusive'. It's all about the potty training.

Oh, sorry, got a bit carried away here. Where was I? This 'triangle trading' is not a bad idea at all! Does it work the other way, if you're interest positive (net long AUD)? I sooo hate the little piranhas biting little bits off my account, every day, it's called swap...


Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.
Mar 27 2011 at 21:48
1367 posts
this is not triangle trading, not in the typical way.

i am quite optimistic about this thing.

just fyi, interest charges are not of concern, look at my profit, interest is not even an issue.

btw, cats are stupd, but they do make wonderful pets.

i had a female black labrador when i was a kid.

she was so smart.

and so well disciplined.

one time, i had her out in the back yard and i told her to sit...

and she did.

and then i placed a piece of declicious steak meat on her nose and i instructed her to stay.

i went into the house and returned a half hour later and she was still sitting there with the steak on her nose.

i loved that dog and she loved me.

she was wonderful.

her name was star.

and, omg, she loved to hunt.

we would take her out into the wild and when she would come upon a bush and there was a bird in that bush, she would freeze up and point, her tail would stick straight out and one of her front feet would come up off the ground.

git em, we would say.

and into the bush she would go.

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InvestorPassword : pyv7zrn

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note to myfxbook people: maybe consider showing equity on these widgets?

i am looking for 10% to 30% on this trade.

i am not in a position to fire up the dos box, so i cant really tell for sure.

i wish that i had somebody that i could trust with the master password that could run a shutdown function for me.

oh well, guess i cant have everything.


Mar 27 2011 at 22:46
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Mar 27 2011 at 23:21
1367 posts
i have been working on a math problem.

i may now be wrapping up this work.

it is not my goal to simply trade.

it is my goal to be able to literally alter the ratio at which currencies are exchanged between opposing economies.

it is my most firm goal that i be able to acquire entire economies.

lock, stock and barrel.

i am rather pissed that i am not able to monitor my dosbox.

this current position may already be finished and i am not able to tell for sure.

Mar 28 2011 at 04:59
1367 posts
i enjoy saying stuff like that.

do you know all that you have to do to get rid of most people?

talk about something big.

do you know what ya gotta do to attract people to you?

let a dollar bill hang out of your pocket.

they come to steal.

they run from things that require work and thought.

i couldnt get to my dos box, so i closed those trades.

doing some really intense coding atm.

this sucks.

ok, everybody dances now.

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