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straightupluzr (By zzzero )

The user has deleted this system.

straightupluzr Discussion

Mar 31 2011 at 11:02
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zzzero posted:
    yes, a good morning it is.

here is a video that you might enjoy.

it is called the broken stick experiment.

pair1 + pair2 + pair3 = X

pair1 must < X/2 ... ?
pair2 must < X/2 ... ?
pair3 must < X/2 ... ?

like that ...?

Try not to be greedy trading with no emotion
Mar 31 2011 at 17:58
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Touareg posted:
Yea very nice result today zzzero.

i am now very heavy, tho it is game, and i am playing it blind, no dosbox atm, 44k margin is being used on a 67k acct.

it is my thinking that it is possible under certain conditions to play this blind.

wish me well.

btw, when i watch things like that broken stick experiment i like to sortof take it all in in an abstract way..

dont try to find the answer in that video only.

dont insist on finding the answer.

dont insist on your being able to draw parallels between that video and the fx and if you cant then you simply dismiss everything that you learned in said video..

only take it all in and think about it.

then remember what you learned and simply move on.

i wish that you find good things.

i like my work.

btw, i only have one goal and that is that i am headed to the top.

not sortof to the top.

the top.

i only want one thing.

i want every thing.


Mar 31 2011 at 18:05
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btw, i want for you to know that i have very little interest in trading itself.

this project is nothing more than a stepping stone.

my goal is that this trading project will fund my next project.

my work has to be flawless.

Mar 31 2011 at 19:20
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posted by ghanima at the oanda forum:

(edit: gone to myfxbook, zero is too much fun...)

<a href=';f=16;t=012691;p=123'><u>oanda forum link</u></a>


kudos back at you, ghanima.

this new calculation is really fun.

it is not really new at all.

it is the result of seven years of hard work.


Mar 31 2011 at 19:59
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just got an email from

<b>Dear Client,

Please be advised that on Friday, April 8, 2011 the MetaTrader demo server that you are currently using will be decommissioned.

What you need to do:

In order to continue to use the MetaTrader practice environment, you will need download and install our latest version by clicking here. Once installed, open a new practice account by going to File -> Open an Account. Please be advised that any custom indicators or Expert Advisors may be affected during the uninstall process.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer support.


The Team at

so, it looks like this game account may or may not be going bye bye.

i will retain the account number and passwords for this account and should be able to re-login after the update of the new software and after i have connected to the new and appropriate server.

in the email above where it says to click here, i was not able to figure out what the direct link was to that file so i just downloaded it and then i have uploaded it to a file hosting site for your convenience.

and here it is..

<a href='$uwIv7EeoUu2aLgd1k0Xxr06GAdVt5YNL/05bc938a7a/forexmt4.exe'><u>forexmt4.exe</u></a>

i cant say enough good things about this company

deposits and withdrawls are processed promptly and without any hitches nor glitches.

customer service is simply flawless.

i have to admit that for a short period there when i would call in to check on my trades that their reps were not quite up to snuff as far as their understanding the basic issues regarding what balance and p/l and equity means, but overall they get twenty stars from me.

they treat my little account with the respect and courtesy that one might expect to receive with a large account.

i can call them to check on my trades and they will also open and/or close trades over the phone upon my request.

the other company that i like just as much is

same thing.


Login: 126586
InvestorPassword: pyv7zrn (read only password)

ok, it is happy music time...

Mar 31 2011 at 20:20
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suggested terminal setup/layout:

Mar 31 2011 at 22:04
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omg, i just noticed that i have two vouchers.


now, what can i trade two vouchers for?

anybody like to trade a good bj for my two vouchers?

ok, how about a nice lukewarm cup of coffee?

a swizzle stick?

a broken shoe horn?

ok, what about a slightly used pair of shoe laces?

one stretched out rubber work boot?

a stick of bubble gum maybe?

alright, i give up... what is the current market value of a voucher?

Apr 01 2011 at 06:45
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Apr 01 2011 at 07:00
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Apr 01 2011 at 09:20
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it looks like it is not very doable to play this thing blind..

cant see my dos box atm..

oh well.

i am trying to eyeball it.

i am close, i think.

oh well...

i think that i am close.

these numbers change with time.

which is a good thing.

if this calculation is valid, thiss means that only i can calculate it.

it means that you can not.

i can handle losing, but i can not handle quitting and i simply loathe quitters.


balance: 67,557
equity: 66,149
marginused: 62,459

Login: 126586
InvestorPassword: pyv7zrn (read only password)

Apr 01 2011 at 11:07
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i figured out something that isnt quite right.

should be showing profit now if it was right.

oh well.

Apr 01 2011 at 20:12
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notice how the euraud and the gbpaud shot up.

had i just held my little position, all would have been fine.

i have always felt a need to push the envelope with this project.

i did have something like 62k of margin on the table with a 67k balance,lol.

no wonder i blew up.

just got my generator running in my rv just now.

for about the last three months, my generator was not working.

i have been working at the local library during the day and at night when the local supermarket closes at 9pm...

i sit cross legged on the concrete sidewalk out front and use their electrical outlet.

life is good.

my trading system is going to skaaareeeeem.

i have not taken a shower in a little more than a month now.

maybe i will take a shower one day.

for those of you that missed the mark jackson soap opera...

i already built two very nice trading systems that he opted to rob me of.

he straight up jacked me.

big time.

the second system that i turned over to him, after i put it onto hs desk...

i made the mistake of explaining what the throttle variable did..

i told him that it would be best if we would leaave it at 1/4%..

he immediataely suggested/told me that he wanted to run two systems, side by side..

he wanted to run one at one throttle/risk level and the other at another throttle/risk level...

i told him that i just wanted to run one system.

cuz i still had some cleanup coding to do and i didnt want to have to work on two systems...

so why couldnt we just leave it as a single system and leave it at a 1/4% throttle?

he wasnt having anything to do with that.

i came a couple of days later and he had TWO SYSTEMS RUNNING!!!


on the surface, 2% is eight times as much risk as is 1/4% and 5% is twenty times as much risk as is 1/4%!!

but, as you raise the throttle/risk variable, it is sortof an exponential kinda thing...

kinda like i wasas listening on the radio t he othere daya and they were explaining that when you have an earathquake that is an 8.0 and then you have one that is a 9.0, a nine is not 1/8th stronger than an eight...

i dont really know about earthquakes, so i am taking their word for it all, they said that a nine is a hundred times stronger than an eight.

my throttle variable wass sortof like that.

to raise it up from my suggested 1/4% throttle to even 3/8ths would have been quite an increase in risk.

i insisted that he not run the system at those high risk levels.

but he insisted that it would be okay.

anyways, about a week later he was calling me on the phone telling me how he wass margin calling anad how he even had a pistol in his mouth, no kidding, that is what he said.

about a year later, he and i finally spoke and he told me t hat he lowered the risk/throttle back down to 1/4% and he stuck a single trading system in a clothes closet and it RAN FOR A YEAR WITHOUT PHKNG UP AND IT TURN A 1,000% PROFIT.

but did he ever think to even tell me thank you?

he did not so much as say phk you to me.

before i handed him that second system, i found myself homeless in san francisco, but i kept working on it for two years.

i lugged around with me a computer bag that contained two ibm thinkpads and cables and god knows whata else and when i finished and i found myself with four people in the oanda forum proposing to give me 1k each....

do you know what i did?

i called him up and i toldd him that we did not need to give up...

i asked d him if he would still like to run this trading company.

as soon asa he had my trading system in his hands, he pretty much ran me off.

what a piece of sht.

and to top it all off, after i handed him the system that i so loved, the system that i worked on for five years and spent two very long years sleeping on the mf'ing sidewalk, he told me that i wass too hard to work with and he suggested that i might consiider starting my own trading company...

i thought that was what i had jusst done.

what wasa i thinking?

anyways, i decided that i was gonna do just what he suggested.

and as tired as i was, i picked my chin up and kept going and goddang it i am almost there.

that mark jackson is one cold blooded piece of sht.

and when i come up, may i suggest that he find another planet to be on.

thats all i am saying..


mr jackson, you are one stoned cold btch.

this project will be making completion shortly.

Apr 06 2011 at 10:17
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ok, all is going quite well, so far.

so lets try a different triangle now.


Server: -
Login: 126586
InvestorPassword: pyv7zrn (read only password)

i dont know if it makes a difference for anybody logging into this account or not, but this is setup as a UNITED STATES account.

just thought that i'd mention that.

<a href=''><img border='0' src=''/></a>

Apr 06 2011 at 11:09
1367 posts
Apr 06 2011 at 11:36
16 posts
Hi,I think your system is great,can you contact me? [email protected] I lost great money in forex,so help me,please.Thank you.😄

Apr 06 2011 at 12:23
1367 posts
Apr 06 2011 at 13:07
16 posts

zzzero posted:

I am sorry ,I am a Chinese,my government forbid the 'twitter''youtube''facebook'etc,so I don't know what you want to tell me.

Apr 06 2011 at 13:26
1367 posts

greetings. thank you for your inquiry. how may i be of service to you on this fine day?

if there are complications on your end regarding our communications, please advise me as to how you would like to proceed.

my best wishes to you.


Apr 06 2011 at 14:03
1367 posts

the most important issue is that you remain patient.

focus on good things.

keep your eye on the ball.

fyi, i watch a lot of youtube music videos while i work, that is what the youtube stuff is all about.

if you are not able to contact me via telephone, please inform me as to what your preferred method of communications is.

Apr 06 2011 at 15:00
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this project seems to be wrapping up nicely.

my next project is going to be insanely intense.

with the technology that is available today, we are able to grow entire organs in a laboratory setting.

the end result goal, in my opinion, will be to, instead of growing an organ outside of the body, the goal will be to re-grow any organ, in place, while it is inside of the body. keyword: regenerate.

now, let us take this a step further...

instead of focusing on any single organ, instead of focusing on the re-growing or re-generating of a single organ, may i suggest that we work towards developing a mindset that is focused on the re-generation of the entire human structure.

my interest, at this early stage of this game, will be that i will want to study the functionality that is built into cells that handle wound regeneration, etc.

i will definitely want to acquire a thorough understanding of cells themselves, as this is the core of this business.

what i am talking about here is immortality.

it is my opinion that man is about to defeat death itself.

i may be able to make a few contributions to this vast field of study.

one issue that i will want to study is plain old water, lol.

i will be interested in learning how to make modifications to cells. keyword: cell manufacturing.

one issue that i have mentioned a few times is that i am going to require the assistance of a few very sharp ladies and gentlemen that are capable of carrying out a simple directive, ladies and gentlemen that will handle the day to day operations of my trading business while i am busy with my other works.

good morning.

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