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TEST autotrade01 (By Shneck )

The user has deleted this system.

TEST autotrade01 Discussion

Jun 08 2016 at 07:06
3 posts
Hey guys. Anyone have experience with autotrade on LIVE account?
A started my test account in december. It was up and down in about +- 40 % of equity. I tried to manage risk on account as would with real money (low risk).
In May I decided to try to copy more systems, with thought that - if every one of that systems had decent results till now, there is quite high possibility, that if few of them performs bad in some market conditions, others should be capable of doing well and minimize account drawdown from bad ones(all theoreticaly).
And from that moment - BOOM! equity grows like crazy. I know that it is probably also due to actual market situation and big moves on markets, but I wouldnt expect so good results on live account. But honestly...even if it could perform 50% like this auto trade account, it would be interesting to try it with real money...Of course I´m aware of possibility to lose everything, because this is high risk auto trade acount setting - but that would be condition of starting LIVE - to count with losing all equity.

SO does anyone, who has experience, can say how much was the LIVE and DEMO autotrade accounts different in permorming?
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