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TrendScalping EA (By applesia1990 )

The user has deleted this system.

TrendScalping EA Discussion

Oct 19 2015 at 06:26
94 posts
I'm recommending bot users to deploy EA on JPY long pairs. I'm making a killing on it. 😎

Oct 19 2015 at 07:41
34 posts

Mr albert, the attachment does not say anything. It just show that @JojoW is giving trade signal. It does not show any scam or account wiped out nor it show that @JojoW and i are a single person.

The reason @JojoW is advertising more than me is because he has joined my affiliate program for TrendScalping EA.

Please get the facts correct before posting.


Hope you have a great trading week.

Oct 20 2015 at 06:18
94 posts
Paul Ingram (SubTh3ory)
Oct 20 2015 at 06:23
42 posts
applesia1990 posted:
Do i look like a old man from my photo?? =D

You definitely do not look like an old man. ;-)

Oct 21 2015 at 06:09
94 posts
I was asked to prove i'm making 2K every day with this bot. So here you can see my trading report from yesterday.


Paul Ingram (SubTh3ory)
Oct 21 2015 at 10:13
42 posts
JojoW, that report does not show you making 2K in one day. That is the span of 6 days and you didn't break 2K.
Regardless, you're in profit, which is definitely a good thing.

Amadé (rydercup)
Oct 21 2015 at 11:17
3 posts
looks great Jojo,
the lots would be interesting to judge the risk your are driving?
it´s really hard to decide for this EA as there are nearly no informations and no trial-possibility!

Oct 21 2015 at 13:00
94 posts
@rydercup quite heavy lots, but that's only because markets are very predictable now.

Oct 21 2015 at 22:07
34 posts

I am sorry as we do not provide guarantee or refund.

But once you set with low risk parameters, i would say it is very profitable EA as i am using it with my live account.

I wont be using my money in a live account using the EA if it is not profitable. The live account till date have 4month trading record and is making profit.

Oct 22 2015 at 03:24
29 posts
Dear applesia1990 trades Your EA is great , I watch as he trades in JojoW on the website fxjunction . If we buy EA then we will get one just like EA, it will trade at all just like You or need your own strategy .

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