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Vladislav EA (By Konstantin )

Gain : +73.91M%
Drawdown 40.28%
Pips: 7704.0
Trades 5931
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Vladislav EA Discussion

Mar 15 2017 at 02:42
109 posts
.. Why you don´t verify your account....??...

... Your results are so explosives that are very difficult to believe if not veryfied.

Sergii (P0fitMaker)
Mar 19 2017 at 07:56
5 posts
Track Record Not Verified
Trading Privileges Not Verified


Febena (gio64)
Mar 19 2017 at 08:20
24 posts
Result is amazing , but I buy your Eas and have not profitt and you back answer not my email and you send not setting.
How I get this setting?
How I get profitt?

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