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VSA Syndicate April 2015 Performance (By VSASyndicate )

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VSA Syndicate April 2015 Performance Discussion

Jul 13 2015 at 18:38
114 posts
I live in the US can I use the PAMM? How about a signal do you provide a signal?

VSASyndicate (VSASyndicate)
Jul 13 2015 at 18:49
73 posts
@Marketorder Yes the PAMM is available for anyone. I do not provide a signal service.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jul 14 2015 at 00:29
1557 posts
I would be interested in details on your PAMM, broker etc, track record cheers

Jul 14 2015 at 01:19
267 posts
I notice that your PAMM is with Tallinex but the account you personally trade with is FXCM. Why is that?

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jul 14 2015 at 01:32
1557 posts
I see PAMM is with Tallinex, keep me informed please if you decide to open one at a more regulated brokerage like IC Markets or Global Prime, not very comfortable with St Vincent and the Grenadines. when I get some time will look into the method more myself. cheers

VSASyndicate (VSASyndicate)
Jul 14 2015 at 01:39
73 posts
@aeronthomas Yes my PAMM is with Tallinex. I am based in the U.S. Therefore, I am not accepted by most brokers outside of the U.S. Tallinex took over the U.S. clients that used to trade at FinFX (including myself), so that is the only brokerage where I can actually trade a PAMM for other clients. I am also working on obtaining my licensing to become a registered money manager in the U.S, then I will manage at a U.S. Broker. As far as I know, Tallinex is the only decent broker outside the U.S. that I am able to trade at.

@suttos My personal account is at FXCM because I am fine with trade at a U.S. Broker for myself, and I really like the tight spreads on EURUSD and the .6 pip commission as well. Tallinex is a much higher spread, but there is no commission.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jul 14 2015 at 01:41
1557 posts
okay I understand Andrew. I think your PAMM is going to be very popular, especially when you are set up with a US broker.

VSASyndicate (VSASyndicate)
Jul 14 2015 at 01:47
73 posts
Thank you Ozzie. I hope it will too. I wish the regulations here weren't so tight... I remember when you used to be able to hedge and get 100:1 in the states - that was right when I first started learning fx back in 2010.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jul 14 2015 at 01:49
1557 posts
we are lucky in Australia to not have those US restrictions I try to only trade with well regulated brokers so will be keen when you get your US PAMM set up. cheers

tonychan (tonychan)
Jul 14 2015 at 02:00
80 posts
Do they have live training how to use the indicators?

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