YM Leong
forex_trader_[95486] Feb 26 2013 at 07:25
Surprisingly, I was out looking for an afforable VPS with good support or at least acceptable support and found this. There were some negative reviews on this service. I have been with them 2 FULL months and totally no complaints at all. I read the journal logs every week to check for any sudden shutdown on their side. Except for not able to connect on weekends when brokerage shut down their server, there were NO outages. I can vouch for their service of VPS and their customer service is quite good, although sometimes it can get a bit frustrating to wait for at least 10mins. Theirs is the most afforable and good price plan. I had a win2008 r2 server with 1gb bandwidth and 1gb cpu and 50gb hard disk. Hardly any VPS providers give this much hard disk without charging more than USD30-50. With this config, I can basically run at least 10 MT4s, but their suggestion is to run abt 4-5 EAs per MT4 and run abt 5-6 MT4 for such config. This is just being conservative and careful not to overload the system. Win2008 can be a tad slow in response when doing something, even when reading a mail. But stability wise, its a good server. Best of all IWISHOST automatically load up FireFox for me as browser even though I didnt ask for it, perhaps they tracked my conversation with them or my sign up and "detected" firefox. LOL! I would recommend them for those with smaller budget and once you have more capital, you can always shop around for best. Otherwise this service is good enough for most traders