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New year gift
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Please add your live account at myfxbook so that we can see your performance.
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there is no high when trend is strong.
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Sorry to say but counter-trend trade is not profitable in long run.
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What is SL & TP Pips?
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Wow my comment is deleted
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Maybe you wanted to lose 100% of your equity then afterwards you will accept that there's is no advantage of using high risk trading system.
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If a trading system is robust or useless only time can prove it no matter what is my opinion or yours. Your most system suffered high drawdown which is not acceptable by any means but you still believe that yours system will survive test of time then only time will tell. I first commented on your trading system when you suffered drawdown of 40% but that time you argue that it will survive then your system suffered 70% drawdown but you still refuse to accept your trading system failed test of time
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If your definition of Fortune means earn only few hundred dollars then you should redefine your definition or show some solid evidence and share your trading account that bring you real Fortune of million of dollars not only few hundred dollars otherwise I can easily assume that you earned million dollars in your dreams only.
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You are very keen to advise everyone about trading but this is not an issue here. I have nothing to hide about my trading system it is all open. First I am not talking about my trading system here and I am here commenting about your high risk trading system. You can even earn more then 100% per month by risking 100% of your equity but question here is how many months it will survive. Can you please define your max drawdown also but It seems that drawdown is not part of your trading system or you are not bother about DD and want to lose everything to earn High percentage monthly return. I can say one thing for sure your trading system is not going to survive a year this is my opinion based on your stats and my experience.
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$60466176000. You will be millionaire in few years congratulations.
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I can see your aim is earn 500% per year. Now let's do some math if you start with $1000 then after 10year you turn your $1000 to
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If you are so confident about your system then deposit few thousand dollars in place of only few hundred just like I did. Your system will survive only few months just like other martingale system. It is fact based on your stats.
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It seems you are commenting because of your frustration calm down please. Atleast my drawdown is not 70% like yours and still hope that it survive. I like to waste my time in place of wasting my money.
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All your trading system suffered drawdown of more then 70% . Do you still believe that martingale system can earn money in long run?
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These so called fund manager even don't know the meaning of fund management.
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Still trading same strategy after 50% draw-down seems you want to loose 100%.
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Before purchase you should check discuss section of this page. I already warn by posting my comment that guy @lielu is impostor and selling fake EA with different name.