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in PipsUniversity feed Sep 09 2014 at 06:43
Check our USD/CAD market commentary!
in PipsUniversity chart Sep 08 2014 at 21:46
USD/CAD is one of our favorite currency pairs to trade, because for #1 it has the USD in it and the USD is our baby because it keeps profit making simple and easy, and #2 our broker only charges $20 per 1k units so IT'S CHEAP! Yesterday USD/CAD had a massive bullish engulfing candle signaling us that it was gaining strength, and we are now right at true resistance on the daily chart at 1.09850! If it can close above this we are going to BUY it! 1.10000 got rejected before so if you wanted to play it safe, wait for it to close above that, but it also was only tested once so it's really not too big of a concern for us, our main level we are watching is 1.09850 and for the candle to close above that! We use a MAC computer for our trading so we are going to be getting our trading platform synced to soon, so you guys can check our trade picks! Also our brand new website is almost finished, it went under construction, we love this community and want to help traders out as much as we can! It's our way of getting positive reviews from you guys for new students and also helping you guys out in the markets!