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in SewCoin chart Apr 12 at 11:37
What's up everyone. I know its been a while since I've posted. here's what i have setup for a nice selloff on GJ. Lets see where this ride takes us.
in SewCoin chart Feb 22 at 19:45
in princesajir chart Feb 15 at 13:19
I wouldve went for the sells after structure broke the channel. It actually came back for a small retest (1870) before continuing the sells. Really great trade if caught brother
in SewCoin chart Feb 13 at 21:34
Trade Complete, Moving on
in SewCoin chart Feb 13 at 10:02
5:00am , Amazing Push. This was a another good move, Gotta love GJ
in SewCoin chart Feb 10 at 09:37
Tbh, Also i dont read nor keep up with the news on the charts i trade. Usually the “event” is simply putting price where it needed to go all along. There just has to be a legit reason made from the public eye
in SewCoin chart Feb 10 at 09:33
I understand that you might think that be the reason for the sudden drop. Honestly it was just over bought the whole day. Thats why i judge from a Daily timeframe. You said it would take a while. But actually it moved pretty well. I trade GJ everyday. These moves arent “unusual” at all. Glad to have caught over 600 points. Im satisfied, God bless. Also look on HTF for direction and Lower TF for entries etc… Always find the big picture itll keep you from missing moves.
in SewCoin chart Feb 10 at 09:24
4:24am , Caught the sells down. This trade is finished.
in SewCoin chart Feb 09 at 18:44
1:43pm Couple retracements but this trade is still moving well enough for me to be done for the rest of the week. God bless, See ya!
in SewCoin chart Feb 09 at 14:04
9:04am Still bullish
in SewCoin chart Feb 09 at 01:41
8:41pm Floating Still, What a crazy ride. took partials letting it run or b/e
in SewCoin chart Feb 08 at 13:25
Currently: 8:25am. Floating 107points. Risk free trade now
in SewCoin chart Feb 08 at 12:17
Not to long but worth it. Lets see how it plays out
in SewCoin chart Feb 08 at 04:54
Back again, Literally only taking the buys based off hourly oversold zone, Channel identified, & Bullish daily engulf. Set SL & goodnight. Tele: JaySCC
in SewCoin chart Feb 07 at 17:27
Crazy retracement. But we held on and got paid good on this one. Partials floating risk free. @ Jayscc on tele
in MaqhaweDlamini chart Feb 03 at 15:12
4hr retracement hit
in SewCoin chart Feb 02 at 23:56
Back again. Here's my entry and my analysts on where i predict GJ Going. I'm just holding for the ride at this point. I took this trade based off of a daily resistance zone. i see GJ retesting the lows 150... but time will tell
in SewCoin chart Jan 18 at 02:50
all positions sold. Satisfied
in SewCoin chart Jan 18 at 00:54
Another set of partials taken @ 158.050. The rest will ride til end of trade. Moving on. 🤝
in SewCoin chart Jan 17 at 11:48
Partials taken at 157.800 , SL at BE. Risk free trade.