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Gold vs US Dollar H4 Live Forex Chart

XAUUSD,H4 Chart By princesajir

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Ytilaer J Law
Ytilaer J Law Feb 15 at 13:19
I wouldve went for the sells after structure broke the channel. It actually came back for a small retest (1870) before continuing the sells. Really great trade if caught brother
Prince Sajir
princesajir Feb 16 at 06:06
1870 was a very good resistance level, only unfortunately it didn't fit my entry rules, so I had to give it up.
Prince Sajir
Prince Sajir Feb 15 at 09:36
The price does not reach the designated area. Well, missed the signal and my point was too conservative.
heriluhut Feb 14 at 07:13
maybe gold will move a bit. because if you look at the GU and EU pairs there is a possibility to go up. and now GU has been confirmed to be hit by my trading plan
Prince Sajir
princesajir Feb 14 at 10:33
GU and EU have started to rise, XAU has not moved. But CPI is a big risk.
Prince Sajir
Prince Sajir Feb 14 at 07:06
H4, XAUUSD is in a downtrend, but the US CPI data could still undermine it.