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in XSquaredTrading feed Feb 13 2012 at 01:20
I actually don't know how it would work with the spreads, but I can sy a "typical" spread for me on the pairs I trade is approx 2-3 pips, and I have an expectancy of approx 6 pips per, if your spread tends to be 1 pip higher... 3-4 would lower profits by approx 17%. HOWEVER. i recommend just signing up...trying it for a couple days...if it's not working for you, cancel at no charge from me :) As far as "scalping"...everyone has a different definition, but no, i wouldn't consider it average targets are about 30-60 pips
in XSquaredTrading feed Feb 11 2012 at 09:37
Yes, a U.S. broker with 50:1 is just fine... and minimum starting account I would recommend would be $1000 USD... however, I think better results will be acheived with a starting balance of $1500 - $2000.