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in NickMcDonald feed Jun 17 2017 at 13:17
Hi Nick, Have a look at that one. For this Fxpro account, as I have been trading on different method on-and-off since 2015.11.18, the full history doesn’t apply to my current method. I didn't trade at all for few months after Oct 2016. You should use the Custom Period from 2017.03.02 – now. Let me explain why 2017.03.02 to so you see I am not “window dressing” the performance. The trade on AUDZND on 02.28 and 03.01 is not the model (which clearly you can’t verify, to be fair). But also the Loss side is way out of my current norm. Currently, smallest lost in a list is about $25 or $30. Anyway, if you include all those trade, it will make March break-even month with bigger DD.
in 4xpinoy feed Apr 28 2012 at 22:15
Hi 4x, I try to email you few times but have not got respond. Anyway, here is my info. Can you send me the EA for testing? Thank you, HHChen Login: 37099 Investor : e003h64s (read only password)