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FX Cure EA (TEA Free)
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Biedrs kopš Oct 03, 2013  62 ieraksti Tradydave Feb 04 2014 at 08:21 (labots Feb 04 2014 at 08:30 )
Hi Craneliu,

1) Thanks for your explanation. That is useful. You totally summed up TEA and its mechanism with trending periods etc ...

I also totally agree when you said there was no good method to minimize the effect of a strong trend or ... Perhaps Drew's method.

I really hope this to be the trick.

2) Your point about seeing the TP at a 60pips distance or so , for level 6+, in some TEA version, IS VERY important to me regarding the trend preventing mechanism.

I'd like to have Drew's opinion on this :
- Can it be an additional security to strong trend ?
- Is there any pitfall in doing this ?
- Would it also reduce the profit in a normal/ranging market condition ?

NOW I'm watching CADJPY pushing the limit very closely to check out how FXCure is doing with such a situation ...

I'm sure mathematics teacher skill can sort that out lol !

Take care y'all,



Biedrs kopš Oct 03, 2013  62 ieraksti Tradydave Feb 07 2014 at 08:42
Hi All,

For now, the DD on the Demo Account (FXCure_That_Works) is getting absorbed.

Large basket (x21) are almost closed. CADJPY could be closed in about 30 more pips retracement ... OR it can go back to trending short again and we can miss the shot.

DREW : as you know, I'm really willing and commited to see FxCure works as it's supposed to as I totally believe in the concept.

So far, that results I'm seeing are very good and I'd love to see it keeping up like that !

There is ONE point that came to my attention for which I'd like to have your opinion and more information on.
That is to be sure there is no problem with the EA and that it's doing what it's expected to do :

- Take profit position vs order open position

Please browse all orders and basket in FXCure_That_Works and focus on Pips Number won in total for a basket.

1) Does everything seems normal to you ?
2) Is it normal that Pips Number won vary a lot from one basket to another and from one pair to another ?
3) This morning that single trade basket closed :
02.03.2014 23:00 02.07.2014 07:45 GBPJPY Buy 0.06 - 167.14 164.91000 167.14200 223.2 130.42 PIPS WON : 223.2
I thought we could only find 60PIPS and 130PIPS in the TEA logics.
What do you think ? Is the EA misplacing the TP's again ?

Sorry DREW, that's a lot of question but I really think that's worth the shot.




Biedrs kopš Jan 01, 2012  147 ieraksti Drew (ForexCure) Feb 07 2014 at 16:40
Hi Dave. I will ask the programmer about these things.

I had pretty much the same result, 225 pips. So I think the EA is following
it's logic as programmed. Did you see the rebound 6X on the same pair a
few hours later did a Sell 6X with 63 pips?

Remember, we are not seeing the 1X,1X, 1X and 3X part of the basket
since it stays internal in the data store.

But I will say, my actual TEA if have running closed that Sell basket with 56.2 pips on 6X.
But it did not have any Buy basket for this pair closing.

Anyway, let me ask...


Waant aal, lose aal, man...

Biedrs kopš Oct 03, 2013  62 ieraksti Tradydave Feb 07 2014 at 19:57
Hi Crane and Drew,

Thanks both for your answers.
Have you seen all the baskets closed today and the 10% progression within the day ?

1) Ok Drew, I ll be waiting for more news after you talk to the programmer. Anyway, as a math teacher with market experience, do you think TEA's logics regarding TP distance is optimal ? Or do you think you can optimize it further ?
2) by the way where is he at, regarding the 'global variable' dilemma ? And the fact that reboot seems to be forbidden ?
3) how are your new demos doing ? Can you share your results ?

Y'all have a great WE, Cheers,



Biedrs kopš Jan 01, 2012  147 ieraksti Drew (ForexCure) Feb 07 2014 at 21:22
Hey David, all my Demos are here:

There's some (OLD) successes using Tom's EA and some current ones starting with 'TEA'
-done mainly for comparison with Forex Cure v1.94.

Then there's
-which is my only current demo using Forex Cure 1.94 iRisk=3=multiplier, on $50K.
-quite successful, so far...

The other 2 demos are based on the EA from this fellow:
(a really interesting scalper/martingale) he's NOT the programmer of Forex Cure, though...

I'm going to also consult the FX Cure programmer about a new external variable to let us
change the TP distance. (I don't know how to optimize that variable, or if it can be, so may
as well make it adjustable)

Have a great weekend....


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Biedrs kopš Nov 06, 2011  248 ieraksti craneliu Feb 08 2014 at 03:31
Hi Drew, david
Thanks! Please allow me to ask some simple questions
1) TEA is TOM' EA? FXcure is programmer's name?
2) for TOM's EA, when the trades are open and when the basket is closed based on many technical indicators, not based on prefixed retraced pips, do you have TOM EA 1.96? If yes, you may not need to invent the new wheels.
3)this EA doesn't allow reboot of the MT4. This is big trouble . Even the stable VPS also need to reboot the system and MT4. What limitation cause this issue?


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Biedrs kopš Jan 01, 2012  147 ieraksti Drew (ForexCure) Feb 09 2014 at 00:47
1. Yes, 'TEA' always means Tom's EA. 'FXCure'
 or 'Forex Cure' is the name I am calling the EA.
The programmer's first name is Andri

2. I don't understand what you are asking, please clarify, Crane.

3. I cannot confirm if this is true, or did my MT4 go MENTAL because
I had a 'dirty' installation of my previous MT4 terminals? I just had this
recommendation by TradyDave when I asked about his excellent results.
(which is to use a fresh, new download and installation of your broker's
MT4 software) My results are really good for 2-3 weeks. BUT, for the
sake of this Community Topic, I'll sacrifice my good results...

I just closed my MT4 terminal and re-opened it and see that, before, it
had some values in the Global Variables, but now they are all zero!

You can check the current results here:

Let's see what happens next week. Right now there are 9 open orders on 7 pairs.
I modified the EA to allow trades on these pairs ONLY in the same direction as the
ones open now. I want to see if it fills in the values as needed when the market opens.



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Biedrs kopš Oct 31, 2013  98 ieraksti rahiths Feb 09 2014 at 22:04
I need a simple EA to apply in my own trading strategy based on these criteria

A trader can be an economist but an economist could never be a trader. They are too theoretical.

Biedrs kopš Jan 01, 2012  147 ieraksti Drew (ForexCure) Feb 10 2014 at 01:13 (labots Feb 10 2014 at 01:17 )
David, (and ForexJack, where ever you are??)

I sent a long detailed note to Andri (the original FX Cure EA programmer)
and included David's specific details for correcting the Global Variable
method of storing filtered-out orders.

I don't know why I did not figure this out before: When the EA has multiplier
set to 0 (zero) there are NO Global Variable data stored and so MT4 terminal
running FX Cure may be freely opened and closed at will, because the code
gets ALL data from the Open orders.

But, when the multiplier is higher order (1,3,6,9, etc.) you LOSE that valuable
Global Variable data upon closing! And, if you had Open orders, well, good luck
and you can expect MENTAL results now as new data co-mingles (like that word?)
with old data.

If NO orders were open upon MT4 restart, then you've only merely lost a day
(or several days) of data collection before new trades appear.

I'll address the T/P level concerns after this main issue.


Waant aal, lose aal, man...

Biedrs kopš Oct 03, 2013  62 ieraksti Tradydave Feb 10 2014 at 09:08
Hey Guys,

CRANE : Drew has answered most of your question.
Though, as for your point 2) : From what I understand, TEA's logic is fully integrated.
When we wonder to ourselves if the TP distance is the same than in TEA, this is indeed to verify that the programmer hasn't make any integration mistake.
BUT, you're mistaking on TEA mechanism, as I could see 1.95 source code : Only trade entry is based on MACD indicator.
Then it's a fixed pips distance for TP with a pair-based multiplier. I'm 100% positive as I've seen it for myself in source code.
Therefore, my wonder was : can we improve that TP distance to make it more 'account blowing'-proof ?

To me, DREW's idea of 'new external variable to let us change the TP distance' is just brilliant.
We may found out that TP distance is just the best like it is now, but at least, we'll be able to do some testing.

1) Thank you for your demo's link. It's all GREEN in there, huh ? lol
2) I totally agree that MT4 restart issue is the main concern to address for now.
Do not hesitate to require any help from me should you need it. The programmer might have a hard time finding a way to avoid using global variable for reasons only him knows. I hope, if that is the case, he will accept other's idea as long as they know what they are talking about.
T/P distance is secondary, and might not be an issue after all but only optimization.

As per your statement : 'If NO orders were open upon MT4 restart, then you've only merely lost a day
(or several days) of data collection before new trades appear.'
I think that's a loss we need to accept.

Anyway, regarding the results we get (with non-restarted MT4) and the DD/strong trend resistance we have with that software, we already are on something just great.

Once the restart problem fixed and if release of MT4 600 doesn't shake things up too much, we should be good !



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