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Which is the best broker for cent acc and why ?
In Galvenais by SofieAndreasen - 14 stundas atpakaļ
Try to trade with regulated broker and also check its minimum deposit amount.
Not a good idea to follow many pairs
In Galvenais by SofieAndreasen - 14 stundas atpakaļ
[quote]UweMoench posted: I don't like to follow too many pairs. For my trading I just trade EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs. I comprehend these two pairs more as I have done good research on them. To me i...
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by ScalperLife - 14 stundas atpakaļ
i'll be back 😝
By trading we can make
In Galvenais by Garrian - 15 stundas atpakaļ
It's always difficult. But you just have to be prepared to work very, very hard.
Looking for reliable ECN brokers...
In Galvenais by LyudmilLukanov - 15 stundas atpakaļ
[quote]Vince28 posted: If you were to asking me I would suggest you Pacific Union. The trading environment is stable. [/quote] Can you specify about trading environment like spreads, leverage, platfor...
David's bot
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by dato1989 - 15 stundas atpakaļ
here is the new link of Ea monitoring :)
Can withdrawals be processed in less than a day?
In Jauni treideri by AliaDare - 16 stundas atpakaļ
The broker I trade with gives me a same-day withdrawal. This is the honesty of that broker.
Qualitative educational program
In Jauni treideri by LeviSievwright5 - 16 stundas atpakaļ
Achieving success is hard but discipline and hard work can make trading easier.
Adcuratio High
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by mforce - 16 stundas atpakaļ
[quote]mforce posted: [quote]togr posted: OK so what is fibonacci The beginning of the sequence is thus: 0 , 1 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 8 , 13 , 21 , 34 , 55 , 89 , 144 What are the trade sizes 0.21 0.13...
Number one biggest mistake
In Galvenais by LeviSievwright5 - 16 stundas atpakaļ
Yes, when a trader joins a new trading, Forex seems like a money making machine to him. That idea is completely wrong. If you maintain a plan and discipline, you can make some profit at the end of the...
SecFinance Infinity
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by togr - 18 stundas atpakaļ
You keep losing trades open from the very beginning I have seen such system many times - ending badly.
My Favourite pairs
In Pieredzējuši treideri by Daniel993 - 18 stundas atpakaļ
My favourite pair is EURUSD because it is easy to track and learn its movements, but recently GPBUSD also seems to be profitable, and I'm able to make a decent amount of return on it.
MQL5 Article
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by fxsaber - 19 stundas atpakaļ
I am not a signal seller. Therefore, after the pause in trading, the service automatically deleted my signal. Myfxbook and some other services did not delete it. In particular, you are now in the syst...
Pip Scalper Pipso*****
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by Zalamay55 - 20 stundas atpakaļ
[quote]deckwisp posted: The chart is really going in the right direction on this system. However, I feel that the leverage is pretty high. I mean I have never used such a high leverage for my trades. ...
In Brokeri by Gergo_01 - 21 stundas atpakaļ
Probably the best broker for traders like me, sick of switching brokers. Fxview has sorted all of my trading needs. Using mt4 so far, spreads are best and so is the support. Give them a try if looking...
Basics knowledge is not enough
In Galvenais by blackChelsea - 21 stundas atpakaļ
Basic knowledge helps you to understand the gateway of the market, with time you need to update yourself which pair is performing better and how the real financial health of the respective economies. ...
Professional trading tips for beginners
In Galvenais by blackChelsea - 21 stundas atpakaļ
I will recommend some of the points: 1. never copy someone’s trading style 2. keep patience while starting, Rome was not built in a day 3. keep yourself updated with the current market trends 4....
Most people fail because
In Galvenais by blackChelsea - 21 stundas atpakaļ
I would say that try to keep your excitement at low levels and invest patiently at the early phase of forex trading. One wrong trade can vanish your all hard earned money. Try to learn from small trad...
No system works all the time
In Galvenais by blackChelsea - 21 stundas atpakaļ
Nothing is permanent. Not even strategies that we make for our trades. We must change our strategies with the market volatility. There is no such system that automatically adjusts to your trades. You ...
buy and sell cycle
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by academic - 21 stundas atpakaļ
Yes I agree. And not only trading robots, but also manual trading is at risk! Therefore, before installing on a real account, I test. And now, although this account is in +, but I'll modify it a l...