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My concern on lot commissions
In Noví obchodníci by advancedsmifser - 3 Hours ago
[quote]78678676 posted: Going live with not much knowledge of the market is a mistake. Please use demo account.[/quote] How about micro accounts? For a more realistic approach
In Obchodné systémy by Charlespeterson - 3 Hours ago
You are doing a good job. I would like to know whether you created the system yourself or bought it from somewhere? I am looking for an update for my system.
Strategy and Forex
In Obecný by Garrywilson - 3 Hours ago
[quote]marnuslabushane posted: Looking for a profitable strategy so that I can stick to it like all the other traders out there. Any suggestions?[/quote] Sure, there are so many strategies that you ca...
Most traders don't get success
In Obecný by rohitchawla455 - 4 Hours ago
most of the traders don't get success because one, they are heavily impatient and second, they do not understand the mathematics that governs the market. most of the traders think that they can ...
Exit from a trade
In Obecný by BBBLack - 4 Hours ago
I consider timing an exit more important than when to enter. You can enter a trade at almost any time and make a profit as long as you time your exit properly
Beginner's Tips
In Noví obchodníci by Sarjohn - 4 Hours ago
Having losses in Forex is very common, just accept your losses, overnight success is not possible it takes hours upon hours of learning to trade profitably, Study one pair at a time, become confident ...
Is math important for trading?
In Obecný by Suarez - 5 Hours ago
[quote]reggae posted: I guess you are implying that formulaes and calculation that are used in forex trading, which is useful but rather has very importance since the platform has already in built cal...
There is no short cut
In Obecný by Suarez - 5 Hours ago
If there was an actual shortcut to success, then all of us would have been millionaire, or even billionaire so that is so unrealistic. There is never shortcut to life, just like that, there is also ne...
It is very important to sharpen
In Obecný by Suarez - 5 Hours ago
Always constantly try your best to improve your trading without getting over confident and having unrealistic profit plan.
Greed is when your expectation
In Obecný by Suarez - 5 Hours ago
[quote]UweMoench posted: Greed is when your expectation and skills do not match. Suppose I am not enough skilled but I want to make unrealistic profit like 5% per day. That's greed. When you know ...
In Obchodné systémy by War2016 - 5 Hours ago
100% profitable trades, just do it))
In Skúsení obchodníci by Stonesong - 5 Hours ago
When you are told that with the help of something you can easily make money in the forex market, it seems to me that this is just a deception.
What trade size and leverage to use in forex?
In Skúsení obchodníci by Stonesong - 5 Hours ago
The definition of leverage, investment depends on your strategy, experience, work and trading style.
How does experience come?
In Skúsení obchodníci by Stonesong - 6 Hours ago
It seems to me that other options for gaining experience, like the daily work of learning and development, have not been found.
Account management
In Skúsení obchodníci by Stonesong - 6 Hours ago
Managing the exercise score is important and necessary, learn the correct ones in order to have a good result.
How to trade effectively in forex?
In Noví obchodníci by sailingconsist - 6 Hours ago
If you want to be a trader, I suggest you begin with the basics and learn how the market works. Try to look at different strategies as well.
How to Successful Forex Trading Mindset?
In Noví obchodníci by turduckenpant - 6 Hours ago
Yes, mindset plays a vital role when it comes to trading. The right thinking can be very beneficial for the success of a trader.
trading btcusd
In Skúsení obchodníci by Collingwood112 - 6 Hours ago
You can choose to trade with regulated brokers that offer very tight spreads and the commissions are also low with them. All the best.
Tips To Being A Successful Trader
In Noví obchodníci by nincompoop - 6 Hours ago
Yes, these are exactly some points to consider before trading forex. Thank you for sharing these here, very helpful.
In Obchodné systémy by turduckenpant - 6 Hours ago
Looks good but be very careful when selecting a broker for your trades. Most of them are scammers and it is better to stay aware. Good luck.