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Number One Capital Markets apskata vērtējums

Kopējais vērtējums: 4.4 / 5

Kopējais vērtējums: 25
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Yesterday at 11:57
2 ieraksti
Got to know the broker through some online reviews. I asked a friend who also said some positive things about N1cm. I have been trading here since then and I do not have complaints. I had issues with my first withdrawal and when I contacted the customer service I discovered I was requesting withdrawal the wrong way. I got to know the right way and it has been fine since then

Nov 25 at 11:27
1 ieraksti
The news releases are usually constant and the broker concentrates on news that are major news and not irrelevant ones. Combining what the news says with my trades has been a profitable trading mechanism for me. The simplicity of the website is a big plus for me too

Oct 25 at 11:19
6 ieraksti
The slowest withdrawal medium is the bank wire because it takes the banks a longer time to validate and process the transactions. The site is not close to the most beautiful I have seen but the services are close to the most professional I have seen. It has been impressive from its provision of various securities to its customer support and general trading conditions. The metatrader 4 and 5 both have balanced trading conditions. I trade with the two constantly

Boris (TraPole)
Oct 21 at 12:57
9 ieraksti
Its availability on different devices makes it possible to trade anywhere. I monitor trades while driving too. One thing I like here is also the tight spreads, tight spreads become very important for me when trading forex news. Many brokers increase the spread size abnormally when it is a minute or some seconds to the news release, most of them do that to defraud the clients. N1CM ECN account spreads are still usually sensible even during news releases

*trading here almost 1 year

Sep 27 at 19:24
5 ieraksti
the broker offers a very high leverage. Someone who is not so discipline with maintaining tight risk management should thread carefully. The instrument are much and there are neccessary charting tools

Sep 20 at 19:34
1 ieraksti
The broker offers investment solutions in its offering of different charting tools, drawing tools, and indicators for trading. The provision of news for trading has also been instrumemtal for me in my trading decisions.

Lina (LinaD1)
Jul 29 at 16:13
4 ieraksti
The customer support is active and they respond promptly. Most times I don't have to reach them for anything because I have a personal account manager that N1cm appointed to me. The account manager chatted me up on WhatsApp and introduced himself as George. He has been answering my questions about the broker. There was a time I had an issue with withdrawal, the account manager sorted it out with apology

Jun 23 at 18:43
3 ieraksti
The broker uses the MT4 and MT5 platform which is good for me; I don't like brokers that use just MT5 alone because I'm already used to MT4. Trading conditions are fine. Zero spreads and there are no regrets about trading currencies yet.

Jun 07 at 14:56
2 ieraksti
My trading team use N1CM and these are the reasons we chose the broker.

The first reason is because we teach people how to trade forex, so we need a broker that has a simple website, works with all devices like Macbook, and other PCs, IOS devices and android phones. We also looked for a broker that has a record of being trustworthy. This requires withdrawals not being delayed, and many options for deposits and withdrawals. We also considered a broker that will be good for technical analysis and also in taking trades from fundamental and news analysis.

We considered the trading conditions, like trade execution speed, spreads, slippages, stop loss and take profit restrictions, and how friendly the broker is with many strategies.

N1CM and some other brokers fell into these categories and that is the basis for choosing them and recommending them to our students.

May 20 at 12:00
6 ieraksti
If you need a broker you can trust with your currency and stocks trades, from the best of my experience n1cm seems to be one of the ones that offer good services. The chart is fine and doesn’t malfunction (according to my experience), there are no trading restrictions, just don't try the cent account except if you are a newbie. The broker seems cool for scalping and different strategies I have tried and withdrawals are also processed very fast, you will be impressed by the speed of order execution in your trades too. I have been trading for some years now and I recognise a good service when I see one

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