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Name Dohan

I am a Mechatroncs Engineering student, doing my first year at the moment at Massey University. Did a forex course a year or so ago, it was kind off useless, I mean all forex courses that teaches you a strategy is useless. If they made money with that strategy, why are they asking $500 for the course, or why do they even give the course if they make enough money from their strategies? However my course that I did made me interested about this. In january 2011 I made $8000, and then lost it all in feb and march. That put my confidence down and I stoped for a while, just started again with a new strategy.

Trading style:
First, I dont like most maringale strategies, however using it right has a great advantage. If one combine it with other strategies, it tend to work. If you are using a martingale strategy and you ever have to double more than 3 times, quit your strategy!!

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