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Forex Crescendo Review Scores

Overall score: 2.3 / 5

Total votes: 39
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Forex Crescendo Discussion

Oct 15 2010 at 21:31
4 posts
do yot have any strategy by just looking at time zones at diffrent time frames?

Oct 26 2010 at 06:12
1 posts
I think Andrea talks about strategies regarding timezone shifts on his blog

rpommer (rpommer)
Oct 26 2010 at 22:33
2 posts
You can sleep well with this product

gerald325i (gerald325i)
Nov 01 2010 at 20:04
159 posts
Lexicon, i don't see how you could sleep at all with all your red.

This goes to anyone using this EA, if you have something good to say about it, SHOW it...with every part of it validated and shown.

Period. Anything else and this is a scam.

Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you
rpommer (rpommer)
Nov 01 2010 at 20:28
2 posts
I trade crecendo since 4.10.2010. - 41 Trades, Pips +1228 +129.70 with a Balace of CHF 500. Lot size 0.01 (this is the key) Drowdown 4.09% - Recomended is a lotsize of 0.01 per CHF 1000.-.

I trade many EA's on my account but until now it's the best 0.49%/Day.

I make no backtest with new EA's - Therefore is this real Account by Alpar UK.

I made a Screenshot for you - now - hope it helps - Greetings from Switzerland


gerald325i (gerald325i)
Nov 04 2010 at 13:01
159 posts
Lexicon, you are so full of BS it is not even funny: You show me a .jpg of your myfxbook page but will not actually show THE ACTUAL page...I bet it is unverified and you would not show your page and details as I show mine. Hell I could hide all the details of my Blessing EA account and name it suckitEA and see how many idiots will buy since it makes more daily than yours does...but you see, integrity is not something you can buy by the either have it or you don't. Looks like you could use a pound of it.

You want to vouch for a good product? SHOW IT, undisclosed, no buts. Your statement above is questionable at best. And no one is buying it here dude.

Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you
Nov 26 2010 at 22:51
1 posts
Gerald, I understand you want proof and that is fair enough, but there is no need to attack some body who has posted and sharing their opinion. These attacks are why others dont bother to post . Lighten up 'dude'

pipsquick1957 (pipsquick1957)
Dec 06 2010 at 06:54
172 posts
Well I bought this Crescendo EA and have returned it for a refund. For starters everyone had completely different results which is a big pile of bullshit, because there shouldnt be that much of a difference between brokers.

His live account ended up with 14 open trades with an OPEN TRADE DRAW DOWN of 35% at one point, but MT4 does not show OT DD and only shows the Maximal DD which was showing as 5.7% on his live account. But the Max DD was set to 30%, in other words all of the open trades should have been closed out once the 30% mark was hit, so he claims that one of the trades was executed by mistake, another pile of BS, and manually intervened to save face.

You have to realize that there is NO STOP LOSS at all, or maximum number of trades, period. This is very dangerous with any EA. He then came out with V1.3 right on the 60th day of the 60 day money back guarantee, how convenient was that. I was able to back test the new V1.3 version and got shit numbers, and the DD of course was not the same at all as the V1.2. The maximal DD was around 24%, and the PT DD was in the high 46-48% area. Even with the new version, the EURUSD could go back up to the 1.60 area and you could end up with a few open trades that are at -2000 pips each, which is suicide.

Is it worth the $149.00 ?? In my 10 yrs of experience I dont think its worth it, because its a time bomb without any SL, and the only way to trade it is with a small lot size like Lexicon was using, but then your ROI per month goes way down. Lets put this into perspective shall we, there is way better EA's out there for sale that runs circles around this Crescendo piece of shit. Go to FPA and check out the top 10 EA's and you will see what I mean. The Cable Run EA by Profitable FX is up +250% ROI in 6 months with a Maximal DD of .05% and a 70% winning percentage, and there is many more good EA's on there that are running on real live accounts.

Jan 14 2011 at 04:03
7 posts
pipsquick1957, before labeling as pile as bullshit anything you don't understand, please take the time to 'read the manual'. Crescendo is not your typical EA, and since you say you have 10 years of experience, one would have expected you to have figured that out.

Good thing you got a refund, that's why money back guarantees are for. Just please don't spread misinformation by posting reviews like this.

Yes, results can be totally different between brokers, because of the price feed and broker time, among other things (like the ton of settings that you probably are unaware of).

Yes, there was a manual trade, among those that led to the DD in Oct 2010 - if you would have bothered to read the blog post you would have seen it was no attempt to deceive anyone, it was a real trade opened by mistake. You can check the history and see it was closed at a different time than the basket, which indicates it was not closed by the EA.

Yes, there is a stop loss, it's exactly that 30% DD you can set - myfxbook is at fault here by not properly calculating the floating DD, so the DD listed is the closed orders DD.

The EA cannot even trade EURUSD (up to the current version, it only trades GBPUSD and GBPJPY), so you obviously have no idea what you are talking about - and if it was a typo on your side, and you meant GBPUSD, that still shows how carelessly written your review was.


Whether You Believe You Can, or You Can't, You Are Right! ~ Henry Ford
FXCzar (FXCzar)
Jan 21 2011 at 16:26
1 posts
wow what an intense discussion over FX Expert Advisor. Guys, I ve two advise for you:

1. EA can't make you rich.
2. If you can trust your hard earn $10,000 to an EA you bought for mere $200 then ignore rule 1.

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