Trading style
Investing for long term growth using an custom designed ea. The system can be used for slow consistent growth minimising the drawdown or a more agressive approach for faster gains.
The system is proven over many years and rebounds from any draw downs within a month or two. It is designed to be traded like the stock market or housing market while outperforming both. This is NOT suitable for get rich quick clients or clients who want to double their account each month. This system is designed to perform over 6monthly periods and if treated that way is extremely profitable.
6months at a time


Systems by MarkHundy

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Low Risk Investment -51.69% 57.65% -10955.8 Automated 1:30 Real
Medium Risk -13.29% 20.56% -819.4 Automated 1:30 Real