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IC Markets Review Scores

Overall score: 4.0 / 5

Total votes: 960
Customer service
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IC Markets Discussion

Cesar Poli (cesarpoli)
May 09 at 11:13
1 posts
wang kun (kunwang)
May 07 at 06:39
1 posts
最近准备换平台了,从我开始盈利,就开始出问题,0点差账户,晚上点差扩大到每盎司5到6美金,黄金品种,昨天最夸张的是,晚上 给了我一个不存在的成交价,图表上没有的价格,图表上1874还没到,我的卖出价是1873.

May 06 at 20:50
8 posts
Great broker with great support and offering what you need for trading.

Apr 27 at 11:45
4 posts
ICMarkets - using it for years- perfect service and support. Great spreads close to '0'.

Apr 24 at 14:01
1 posts
very good and reliable

decoding order block
Apr 23 at 09:11
1 posts
Apr 20 at 18:48
1 posts
Apr 16 at 07:19
1 posts
ADEN (okkesdemir)
Apr 11 at 23:38
1 posts
always best. customer for 4 years.

Mar 25 at 03:44
1 posts
Mar 17 at 10:51
1 posts
Amazing Broker, i'm with him since 1 year.

Mar 13 at 15:33
1 posts
Great broker for mains instruments.

Joynul Abedin (TradeTogetherBD)
Mar 11 at 10:05
1 posts
I have been trading with ICMarkets for more than 3.5 years and have NOT found any serious matter. Fully satisfying their all services.

Mar 10 at 14:54
1 posts
Good spread, stable system

Wahyu Mardiarto (WahyuMardiarto)
Mar 10 at 08:36
1 posts
Tight spread, low commission, excellent support, fast execution, fast deposit - withdrawal

Mar 02 at 06:54
1 posts
Feb 20 at 23:02
1 posts
BS (Firsttrade123)
Feb 18 at 20:31
1 posts
Mario (SwingFish)
Feb 15 at 08:48
31 posts
oscarin posted:
Very bad experience with this broker:

- Big difference between Demo and Live, no slippage on demo, a lot of slippage on Live. 20% of my account lost due to slippage.
- Mediocre Customer Service
- 10 days to withdraw funds and 55 USD fee!, (They denied me Moneybrokers withdrawal, in spite of they offer it on their withdrawal form)
- The only good thing: low spreads, but, is it important if you get a lot of slippage on the entries?

Live accounts do not have to meet liquidity requirements in order to get fills, the larger you trade with real money, the bigger the difference gets, that's just how things work on any financial market on this planet.

I did withdraw almost a million USD so far, no problems, some transfers happening the very next day, others take 1-3 days (depending on the channel and the amount)
the fees are manageable since they offer several options.
if you did not use skrill to make the deposit, you can't use it until the profits created are larger than the deposits (its money laundry law of Australia, has nothing to do with the broker)

if trade large, use limit orders on cTrader .. Slips will be most of the time in your favor.

but yeah the support is kinda bad, but they just bounce the peoples that write comments like this one :)
once you have an account manager, you do not really need to contact support anymore anyway.

Professional Canned-Tuna Eater
Feb 14 at 21:35
9 posts
Seems reliable, no complaints so far. Only very few connection losses.

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