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Name Mark

I started forex like any typical trader dreaming of fortunes. Of course I sucked at it upon trying to trade. For a very long time I was printing out charts and forming and tweeking trading strategies yet again when trying them out it clearly showed I was just falling for hindsight bais. However this trail and error had given me a considerable screen time. After years of playing around I started to form some basic understanding and a realistic view to it all.

Trading style:
TREND REVERSAL. Price action and a right context as my trigger.
I try to pinpoint the main eeb and flow points on the chart and wait for them to be tested. Once a confirmed break is established I make my move AND only enter after the new trend gains momentum.

Let them decide then get along.

Experience More than 5 years

Location sy

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Registered Apr 13 at 23:10

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Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Munir Karkanawi -12.27% 67.52% -1923.8 Manual 1:100 Real
MoneerKarkanawi Yesterday at 13:15
It takes me less than 2 hours a week to analyze the pairs I follow . and when I detect a reversal it usually takes 12 to 24 hours to be confirmed and a position to be placed and only in that time I will be monitoring the pair closely for a confirmation and to place an entry. otherwise I'll be sitting on my hands looking at the chats once or twice a day .

my aim is a an annual return of 15% .. If I managed to do so for at least two years, it will be easy to obtain funding and make a living off this profession.
MoneerKarkanawi Yesterday at 12:46
So I want to talk a bit about my approach in the market.
why did I decide to go with a trend-reversal oriented trading strategy? why not trend following ? or breakouts?
I think the main reason is the feeling of being safe .. I mean when you confirm a trend reversal and get in the new direction it just feels much safer than getting in a trend which you can never know where its going to reverse and leave you crawling in loss and pain. thats just how i see it.
another reason is I dont want to be exposed in any single trade for a very long time . my avarage trade last about 10 hours which is more than enough (new trends move fast).