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I started forex like any typical trader dreaming of fortunes. Of course I sucked at it upon trying to trade. For a very long time I was printing out charts and forming and tweeking trading strategies yet again when trying them out it clearly showed I was just falling for hindsight bais. However this trail and error had given me a considerable screen time. After years of playing around I started to form some basic understanding and a realistic view to it all.

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TREND REVERSAL. Price action and a right context as my trigger.
I try to pinpoint the main eeb and flow points on the chart and wait for them to be tested. Once a confirmed break is established I make my move AND only enter after the new trend gains momentum.

Let them decide then get along.

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MoneerKarkanawi Jan 02, 2022 at 06:48
getting in harmony with what the market is deciding in real time and NOT SPECULATING on what it might do in the future…my main satisfaction comes from the way I have come to look at it all…the market to me is a bunch of powers ..what you see on the charts is the final outcome of their fight ..acknowledge that and be peaceful with it..it has nothing to do with you ..i am just an observer to what is happening not a predicator ..i don’t speculate on what will happen in the future ..this is not my job ..my job is to be able to determine what is the CURRENT outcome of the involved parties ..what is the agreed upond direction right now on a specific time frame ..RIGH NOW NOT IN THE FUTURE ..so..me job is to identify the current trend ..the last trend point and the one before it …and with every reversal attempt I should assume and hope and vote for the failure of the attempt and the countinuation of the trend (when a trend don’t justify breakouts , justify continiuations ) …so I should look at it like this : the price went back to the trend point ..i vote for it to not be broken and for the price to go back with the trend..now the price has broken the first point and went to the one before it .. I vote for it to hold and for the price to reverse from it back with the trend…now the price boke this point .. I vote for a false breakout that’s going to lure a bunch of counter-trend traders and gain momentum to go back strong with the trend…the price now went back to the second trend point .. I vote of it to continue to go back and continue the trend …the price now reversed from it and actually went past the breakout point mentioned before ...right at this place I can see that THE MARKET DECIDED to reverse the established trend …I AGREE WITH WHAT JUST HAPPENED INFRONT OF ME and open a position with the new trend established by the market aka let them decide then get along…
When all criteria is met and I enter a position ..and price starts to move against you ..here is the ultimate test for my psychology and understanding of the bigger picture …the only reason for me to abandon the position with a loss is if the same criteria used in entering has been formed again on the chart ..indicating that the trend I got into has been reversed ..when entering and when my criteria gets established ,there is no reason for the trend to reverse again before it reaches the nearest resistance point whether it be an ema from bigger time frame of a trend point from bigger time frame or a range line or major s/r level…and that’s where my take profit will be ..after the price reach the nearest resistance ..there is no guarantee that it will continue and from that point anything can happen and the edge outcome will be demolished ..the market decided that a certain level is A RESISTANCE and there is no reason for me to say otherwise I just get out, take my profit and wait for the market to fall in my trap again.
MoneerKarkanawi Dec 25, 2021 at 18:53
2021 Recap and observations: annual return:23% / maximal drawdown: 8% / win rate : 77% I have been so accurate and patient for my edge .... and it is paying off
I should always remember my passion when observing the markets. I know that it gives me a kick to look at the charts and determine what the players are doing the where they are deciding to push the prices. The key is to always agree with them ,with what I'm seeing ,justify continuations and be surprised when something else happen aka your edge .and let them decide then get along as always .when watching prices I should not be angry and feeling left out , I just accept and acknowledge what I'm seeing and what is happening ,don’t fight it .its not fighting me .what I'm seeing is just the final outcome of the two involved parties .it is good that the price is moving .with every tick it will be a tick closer to show my edge , to come to me and fall in my trap . it’s a good thing and I should enjoy the hunting process

MoneerKarkanawi Jun 11, 2021 at 13:15
It takes me less than 2 hours a week to analyze the pairs I follow . and when I detect a reversal it usually takes 12 to 24 hours to be confirmed and a position to be placed and only in that time I will be monitoring the pair closely for a confirmation and to place an entry. otherwise I'll be sitting on my hands looking at the chats once or twice a day .

my aim is a an annual return of 15% .. If I managed to do so for at least two years, it will be easy to obtain funding and make a living off this profession.
MoneerKarkanawi Jun 11, 2021 at 12:46
So I want to talk a bit about my approach in the market.
why did I decide to go with a trend-reversal oriented trading strategy? why not trend following ? or breakouts?
I think the main reason is the feeling of being safe .. I mean when you confirm a trend reversal and get in the new direction it just feels much safer than getting in a trend which you can never know where its going to reverse and leave you crawling in loss and pain. thats just how i see it.
another reason is I dont want to be exposed in any single trade for a very long time . my avarage trade last about 10 hours which is more than enough (new trends move fast).

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Jun 12, 2021 at 18:44
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