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I started trading Forex in 2010. I was clueless! I made my first trade on a demo platform, being responsible and trading a $10,000 position on a $50,000 account. Even though I made 50+ pips on that first trade... I made virtually no money! So I started reading books on the subject, learned about leverage, and so my journey began. Then I began the search for the magic trading system that would make me rich. Of course, I never found it and wasted way to much money on news spike trading programs, martingales, scalpers, etc... There are lot's of people who promise the world and deliver nothing! I've become very jaded. After all, if the system works so well, why are the creators selling it? The turning point was when I read the book "The Complete Turtle Trader". Richard Dennis and his Turtles became my inspiration!

Trading style:
Trend follower, trading Donchian Channel Breakouts.

Minimize your losses... Add to your winners!

Experience 3-5 years


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