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Name Sarkel

1979 - read T.Dreiser novel - Financier. wanted to become a trader
1988 - Graduated Soviet Naval college, class of submarine navigation.
1990 - retired form K-360 of 10th submarine division of 2nd Pacific flotilla. First child is born.
1991 - joined ATC (Air traffic control) force in airport Baku, Azerbaijan.
1991-1994 - traded USD and DEM on the local markets; arbitrage rates between Baku and Moscow
1994 - moved to New-York.
1995 - Second Child is born
1998 - become an IT professional
1999 - learn of FOREX existence
2000 - earned $20000 and then lost $15000 in IT bubble, recovered in 2005
2000-2008 - got too busy with my IT chores
2008 - opened my first Forex account, lost 80% of the deposit in 1 month. recovered in five month.
2009 - got into training for Forex trading, still there
2011 - began active real trading

Trading style:
I am still learning about Forex trading. Even though, I trade with the real money; it is not really active.
My trading style primarily based on the theory that Forex market is not a market in that sense of the word. It is a controlled financial scam on the international level. The price movements can not be done without computer controlled algorithms. My goal is to find that algorithm and trade with it.

I learned that algorithms are changing on average every 2-3 month. That makes it very difficult to adjust. However if you find it once, next time you know where to look for it.

In the general view of the Forex trading: I try to identify the C wave in the ABC algorithm. Calculate its potential, and if it is higher that potential loss I open one small position. Only about 50% of all my trades go with the plan. I still need to work on my psyche and discipline.

You see the shit on the street, you do not step into it.

Experience 1-3 years


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