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Olas Niko


Name Olas Niko

A well experienced Trader over a decade, trading currently with one of the top 3 banks in Switzerland, ( name of bank not mentioned so not to blow my cover), Chief trader that wishes to get out of slaving contract with the currently bank i'm trading for right now.

I wish to make deal with private Investor, so i can provide direct trades for the investor, from tapping directly from the trades i make from the bank i work with. Im one the the best ever you can find, i want out of the bank contract because we are not allowed to own accounts.
I'm one of the best private trader available now for offer, If we can reach a deal, i will drop off with all my customized tool from the bank , and trade for you privately.

 For me to provide you with signal or trade for you, contact me [email protected]

Trading style:
Best scalper available , and long Ranger too.

Scalp Scalp Scalp.

For me to provide you with signal or trade for you, contact me [email protected]

Move along with the Market

Experience More than 5 years


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Registered Dec 24 2018 at 15:03

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