Scott Bresee
Scott Bresee Aug 21 2013 at 17:38
Go to, and then click on social area, this guy has only been trading for 6 months or less, but has stumbled onto something. I am now starting with very small leverage and following his style of trading. He started with 14362.00 in May, and has doubled his initial investment 8.77 times. I was blown away to find out it was a live account, he thinks he is just trading normal, so I am building my own EA, or a manual trading script and enjoy this new idea. As of this morning his account is now over 81000, and this is a live account. This guy is trading 3 or 4 pips at a time through the opening sessions in the world markets, but I think he uses too much leverage, so I am coaching him to use less, but he has not been in trouble yet!!