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A SOUND TRADING THEORY. HIT Expert Advisors are developed after many years of extensive testing and research, it is based on a sound trading strategy with the ability to identify both major and minor trend movements and enter into trade with potential huge profits.

LIGHTING FAST REACTION. With a sound trading theory coupled with algorithmic calculation, HIT EA is far superior to manual trading, it is able to watch the market and scan all the data in different time frames to execute trade with high accuracy in split of seconds, impossible for a human mind.

SHORT TRADE DURATION. Average duration of each trade is usually 1-8 hrs (depending on the strength of the trend), due to HIT EA's acute ability to identify potential winning trend with 70% to 80% accuracy, each trade is not expose to long hours of anxious waiting and hoping to reap in the profits.

FAST RECOVERY. Due to it's high accuracy and winning ratio, HIT EA's has fast recovery rate, is able to recover from previous trade losses within the day, if not within the week at most. Hence, investors are assured of long term ROI and consistent performance.

LOW RISK (DD) & HIGH PROFITABILITY. All trades has stop loss set between 350-500 pips (5 digit). Each 1 lot maximum DD is about $500 or 50 pips. Maximum open trades at a time can range between 10 - 20 lots. HIT EA enters with multiple lots at different interval as long as the trades are profitable and hence, resulting to huge profits and minimal risk.

NO MARTINGALE, NO HUGE SL. HIT EA do not believe in setting huge SL, hoping for a trade to turn about and hence, exposing investors to possible huge risk and loss. if a trade has turned bad, HIT EA cut loses in 50 pips and aims to recover from the loss fast by calculating for the next best winning entry.

LOT ADJUSTMENTS. Kindly adjust your number of lots and money management according to your leverage ratio, risk and profit appetite. Preferably adjust lot size rather than number of lots.

Sound Trading Theory = Good Profit

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hannahis365 Oct 22, 2017 at 09:39
A friend of my taught me about this concept of maximizing your capital returns. And I thought it is such a "revolutionary" idea. Imagine you have $50,000 capital and you want to risk only 10% (i.e. $5k). So instead of depositing $50k into your broker's account, you open a $5k account instead. And manage your risk management of this $5k about 70% or 80% (which is lesser than your original 10% of your $50k capital). The advantage is, 1) you don't need to let the other 90% of your capital laying around, "doing nothing", 2) You face lesser risk of losing your capital in event that your broker went bust and get to keep the rest of your 90% of your capital safely in your bank. Because I'm using this concept of maximising my capital return, that's is why you will see that my $5k account faced huge DD but eventually it means the same to me, I'm only risking 10% of my $50k capital.
hannahis365 Jul 23, 2017 at 06:08

1. No Pip, No Profit (as simple as that)

2. Lot Allocation as the other alternative. Besides pips count, Traders use lot allocation to maximise the return per pip count

3. Pips count reflect Trader's ability to read a market well. A trader's skill is measured by his ability to "read" the market conditions and turn every opportunity into pips gain, thus increase his pips count.

4. One way out. When trader has limited ability to capture as much pips as possible given a period of time, he is left with the only option, that is to increase risk/lot allocation to maximize his returns and thus putting his portfolio/investors into greater risk.

5. Poor ability to read market conditions = Poor Trade execution. Since his ability to read the market conditions is limited, so is his "judgement" in every possible trade made. Thus higher probability of executing bad trades.

6. Bad Trades = Higher DD. Thus we often see that Traders with low pips count tend to have higher DD.

Conclusion - Pips count is one of the best criteria to measure one's trading ability. It highlight the trader's good market judgement to turning every possible trade into wining pips without having to rely extensively on higher lot allocation to boost overall gain. Once you know the pips count of the trader. The rest is as easy as multiplication, i.e. mulitiply your lot size according to your risk appetite. (eg. 0.01, 0.1 or 1 std lot size).

hannahis365 Jul 23, 2017 at 06:08
Likewise a trader with good pips count don't need to rely on increasing his risk factor/lot allocation to bring in the gain. He is able to multiply his success over and over again by capturing every possible market opportunities. Hence, has a lower DD rate as a result.
hannahis365 May 30, 2016 at 07:04
Kindly DO NOT WRITE to me and ask me to give my EA away. I don't entertain such email request. Imagine, after many years of hard work, someone write to you (a stranger) and ask you to share your wealth with him, will you? Neither will I give away my trade secret just because someone is in need of a winning formula. Kindly, put in the hard work to learn how to trade in order to be successful in forex. If anyone don't have time to learn, then engage other people to trade on your behalf. Win-Win situation. You earn money and the person is paid for his/her hard work.

Do have some respect to people who put in years of sweat and hard work to come out with good EA. Don't write in and simply ask me to give away my EA just like that.