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Name AlgoTrading


Algorithmic trading, also called automated trading, black-box trading, or algo trading, is the use of electronic platforms for entering trading orders.
We design advanced trading algorithms utilizing state of the art trading technology. We anticipate and react to changing market conditions while refining our strategies to be as effective as possible.

Trading style:
Our initial aim was to create a radically different visualization of the market than what bar-, line charts and other custom-made indicators based on these charts provide.
The main idea is to use the time/price events - the ticks - as the main input to create a new graphical view of the market dynamics.

There are four basic vector types that can be used to model the market by creating a vector based view between the historical peak and low. The rest is statistics. Based on the frequency of the same vector types we are able to predict to a certain degree the probability of market breakouts the ideal setting for finding entry points.

The system utilizes machine learning by continuously filtering market anomaly events.

The Trend is your friend! Plan your trades and trade your plans. Or it will be simple, Or it simply will not be!

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Name Gain Drawdown Pips Performance
AnitaGBPNZD#5019 +24.78% 1.96 36461.7 AnitaGBPNZD#5019 performance
AnitaEURAUD#1466 +7.38% 1.62 9671.0 AnitaEURAUD#1466 performance
AnitaEURNZD#3345 +16.8% 1.76 24701.8 AnitaEURNZD#3345 performance
Anita_Silver#583 +27.01% 4.94 19071574.1 Anita_Silver#583 performance
EA_GENIUS_AUDCHF#481 +0.08% 0.03 735.4 EA_GENIUS_AUDCHF#481 performance
Martingale_EURUSD#3220 +0.16% 1.15 -45060.2 Martingale_EURUSD#3220 performance
MAESTRO_GBPUSD_#2932 +291.15% 6.80 30027.9 MAESTRO_GBPUSD_#2932 performance
Ea_ML_Tree_Eurusd_1pips +278.68% 2.46 2797347.0 Ea_ML_Tree_Eurusd_1pips performance

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