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FX Clearing Review Scores

Overall score: 3.6 / 5

Total votes: 15
Customer service
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FX Clearing Discussion

eProfitsMaster (eProfitsMaster)
Apr 05 2010 at 05:51
20 posts
fx|Clearing is my favorite broker at this moment. Since of low spread, no swap, no commission. And the Customer Support (in my country) is very helpful.
The negative point is the system is still need to be upgrade. Sometimes re-quote is always occur when i trade manually.
But mostly i trade automatically with EA, so it's not bother me so much.

- Manage Fund Specialist, FREE VPS + EA
LordsFXT (LordsFXT)
Dec 04 2010 at 03:01
9 posts
Been with FXCLEARING, made profits. withdrawn money to paypal which paid on time. The only drawback is they dont accept USA and Canada client and they do not have the multi-terminal feature which make trading easier.

Just do the cool easy thing!
Jun 27 2012 at 14:50
1 posts
Just now been with them, yet comfortable hope it continues.🙃

Jun 06 2014 at 07:33
1 posts
Jul 19 2014 at 12:00
1 posts
nirob76 (nirob76)
May 15 2015 at 13:13
6 posts
Just today I had started real trade with this broker, low spread and smooth execution.
Let me see, how its work. My problem is, withdrawal process is 1-2 business days, They should do it more fast. Because now all the traders looks for fast transaction.

Wish always for Happy Trading.
May 26 2015 at 08:16
15 posts
I tried to check this broker's web page out and there site is not there w/firefox. Tried the page with Chrome and chrome give a trojan type alert not to continue. Looks like they might have gone tits up! Hope everything works out and no one looses money. I have been through that myself so I know how shifty brokers. I don't trust any broker than can't keep a simple website up and running. ....duh!

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