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Land-FX Review Scores

Overall score: 4.5 / 5

Total votes: 139
Customer service
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Land-FX Discussion

Tobias Litke (Tobias2litke)
Jan 31 at 11:53
1 posts
Be it the speed of payment process or negative balance protection, not to forget cool terminal, there are multiple ways in which Land-fx is way better than the rest of FX brokers.

Crave for the best stroke
Serhiy Pervak (Serhiy2pervak)
Jan 25 at 12:21
1 posts
Land-fx offers quick order execution, best rates and a reliable LP if you'rre not greedy for fake bonuses.

Plant a seed of knowledge and get a tree.
Vasyl Pursa (Vasyl2Pursa)
Jan 13 at 12:08
1 posts
I was already trading with a nice broker before joining Land-fx. However, I knew something fishy that my old broker used to do with all clients, like other fx brokers, which helped me prefer Land-fx for all my transections afterward.

Explore, experience and learn.
Mike Peterstat (Mike4trader)
Dec 22 2021 at 12:16
1 posts
Ever wondered what's the receipe for a successful trading? It's THE BROKER. I learned it hard way before settling on Land-fx.

Timo Wiso (Timo2Wiso)
Dec 03 2021 at 12:43
1 posts
Unless poked, we never use to read the fishy terms from the long trading contract. Land-fx urged me to read all the terms carefully before signing and made me understand some of them. It shows how concerned they're for the customers. I witness the same care and concern everytime trading with Land-fx.

Pedri Ostanchuk (Pedri3Ostanchuk)
Nov 24 2021 at 12:23
1 posts
I'm a skeptic by nature and hence keep searching for the reason to not trust. However, Land-fx has always surpassed my expectatinos, making me a true fan of them.

To have reliable growth.
Ardi Tempere (Ardi2Tempere)
Nov 20 2021 at 11:37
1 posts
A land broker knows how to trade but Land-fx offered me ace services to run faster, tx LF!

Vittory Saceti (VittorySacheti)
Oct 25 2021 at 13:28
1 posts
Heard about Land-fx from a pro-trader friend of mine. He trusted it with all the force and so do I after more than a year of trading with them.

Trend is ur friend
Artor Monos (Artor2Monos)
Oct 19 2021 at 04:18
1 posts
Haven't heard of a supreme Fx broker with quiet a decent services? If not, go and check Land-fx. Ps. Don't expect much on bonuses though.

Do what's necessary.
Wilber Shaw (Wilbershaw2)
Aug 31 2021 at 12:04
1 posts
Had a tough argument with my ex broker when I caught them cheating up with customers by wrong tickers. With Land-fx, nothing has happened in last one year even as market showed some wild moves.

Balance everything to improve
Terry Pax (Terry3Pax)
Aug 01 2021 at 12:31
1 posts
Except for a little lighter physical presence in Estonia, Land-fx is a marvellous broker to trade with. PS: Don't expect a big welcome bonus.

Live simple, think much
Mykola Sereda (Mykola4sereda)
Jul 28 2021 at 13:44
1 posts
Until joining Land-fx I never knew what a single pip of difference in trade execution and a good LP can do to your account balance. I got appreaciable hike in account after joining them, nice broker!

Work hard, earn more...
Nicos Taparidis (nicos2fx)
Jul 18 2021 at 11:14
1 posts
Before joining Land-fx, I was stuck with a so-called prime broker that never helped me, just fooled with false bonuses. Land-fx offered me great insights of Fxtrading and helped with great services.

Peg Simons (peg2simons)
Jun 08 2021 at 12:19
1 posts
Land-fx worked wonders when I was stuck in a pnademic-led lockdown and needed a faster withdrawal. Their trade execution speech is appreciable too.

Nothing is specific...
Frosya Back (Frosya2back)
May 30 2021 at 03:47
1 posts
Every now & then I had to go to my broker's office and complain about the slippages, nobdoy cared and I suffered the most. Gone are those days. Land-fx reps came to my home for a minor doubt and there hasn't been any problems so far.

Pure victory, no harm.
Alina Akris (Alina6akris)
May 09 2021 at 03:53
1 posts
Always wandered the twists and turns by which my ex-broker used to cheat me with. Land-fx drives me to the path of success. Kudos!

Vera Bridgets (Vera2Bridgets)
Apr 26 2021 at 12:45
1 posts
Land-fx offered me a promising stage for PAMM string. Their client-base is rich and the payout is easy as well.

Strike a perfect balance of life
Irakli Pahlava (Irakli4Pahlava)
Apr 13 2021 at 05:25
1 posts
While looking for a good fx broker, I searched a bit on regulations and performance measures while being ready to forgo fake welcome bonus incentives. Land-fx beat all in the list even when I forgot about PAMM credits.

Grigori Pavliash (Grigori4fx)
Mar 24 2021 at 14:06
1 posts
Having found multiple loops in my ex broker, I researched heavily for a strong and reliable fx broker. As I understood the gimmick of luring naïve traders with bonus, I was ready to forgo that thing (knowing that a genuine broker will help me earn more). I finally joined Land-fx and am happy with them.

Keep balancing to raft the best wave...
Anton Dilon (Anton4Dolin)
Mar 17 2021 at 14:21
1 posts
With markets acting crazy, it really shows which brokers are more well-versed in offering uninterrupted market access. I’v stopped with several discount brokers, because as soon the WTI or majors stocks become more volatile, the margin requirement changes follow immediately and don’t allow to make a decent killing in these markets. All that makes Land-fx, who has never done this in my two years of trading with them even more admirable (if not for the lack of some CFDs on stocks…)

To make difference...
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