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TradeView Forex User Reviews
TradeView Forex User Reviews
Member Since Jul 31, 2009   1411 posts
Mar 18 2018 at 12:41
Member Since Nov 04, 2017   1 posts
Nov 06 2017 at 07:35
It is an excelent bróker. The attention for the customer is excelent and it has a very good spreads.
Member Since Jul 24, 2015   1 posts
Aug 25 2017 at 11:05
This is a very good broker. Stability on fast market, speed execution and very good spread.
Member Since Jan 20, 2017   1 posts
Mar 31 2017 at 10:31
The best broker
Member Since Feb 19, 2014   61 posts
Dec 12 2016 at 06:44
they are very nice broker and honest and lowest spread in market...
Member Since Nov 27, 2014   157 posts
Dec 12 2016 at 04:03
funds finally recieved
Member Since Nov 27, 2014   157 posts
Dec 08 2016 at 06:09
can't withdraw my money, it has been 5 days already since i request it.
Member Since Jul 05, 2013   2 posts
Jun 10 2016 at 06:44
good broker
Member Since Oct 09, 2013   7 posts
Apr 27 2016 at 14:15
Everything is fine. My account was opened.
Member Since Oct 09, 2013   7 posts
Apr 27 2016 at 06:30
A very strange and bad broker. Not registered my account because I am unemployed and my annual income of less than 25,000$. I will fund my account on 100$, and must earn 25,000$. Complete nonsense!!!
Member Since Feb 04, 2014   21 posts
Nov 06 2015 at 12:25
Hi, Tradeview! Presently I work with another broker, but ufter testing your conditions decide to leave those company to work with you. Thank you for the service. Nothing extra, only necessary.😀
Member Since Nov 16, 2009   1 posts
Nov 16 2009 at 20:01
I work with Forex on a daily basis, and this has been a great resource for information. I can safely say that, however many other resources and services I've used online, this is by far something that I highly recommend. Their support is fast and friendly and their sign up process is quick and painless. Keep up the good work!

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