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100 Pips Daily Set & Forget Review Scores

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100 Pips Daily Set & Forget Discussion

80 posts
If a combination of strategies are used, it can give much more growth than EAs. Check our stats:

June had been another successful month of trading for all our accounts. Got several new accounts for our managed A/c services.

If interested to get copy trades please contact.
[email protected]
Be a part of 5% successful traders
7 posts
Can an EA really be affected by time? Can so many traders using one ea result in its crash?
92 posts
I agree with you winsor,

I see no reason selling an EA that makes good profits consistently.

The best you can do with it is to manage accounts and send automated signals.
Success in Forex Trading is a marathon and not a sprint.
5 posts
never trust eas very hopless
2 posts
i put that 100pips for sell position on aussie... but i found my margin not enuf and now i lost almost 300++
1 posts
Its a nice idea but it doesnt work. Would like my money back
159 posts
Set and forget you ever had money?? If you're using this EA post a comment for us to see the results!
Take your profits while you can or the market will take them from you
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