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Fap Turbo Review Scores

Overall score: 1.9 / 5

Total votes: 118
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Fap Turbo Discussion

Aug 08 2011 at 13:42
1 posts
It is a very good EA, just need a decent broker, select your currency pair, select your timing and above all MONEY MANAGEMENT. And that's all foks.

Muhammad Husaini (naufalforex)
Aug 11 2011 at 06:20
4 posts
forexbok posted:
    Absolute rubbish. Stay as far away form this EA as possible. It may have worked in the past, but its time is over now. Plain and simple.

DougRH (DougRH4x)
Aug 11 2011 at 20:32
18 posts
I've had FapTurbo from very shortly after it was first released. It NEVER did anything but lose money for me ! )< 8(
I've been Demoing their new FapTurbo Ichimuko scalpers and they are doing alright for the most part; EXCEPT for two trades that it got ''married' to': One as much as - 450 Pips that is still open and one that is closed that took a 77 Pip loss. Both of these have a StopLoss setting of 36 pips. I've eMailed tech support a while ago about these and they have yet to respond. )< 8(
In my mind, ANY trading system, automated or otherwise that has a StopLoss that is anywhere from 10 to 50 TIMES higher than the Take Profit is no legitimated ForEx trading system at all.

(8 >) Live Long and Prosper (< 8)
Kritsana Yeesunkaew (phoenicis)
Sep 12 2011 at 06:32
5 posts

Started Sep 01, 2011 with newest version of Fapturbo.

It's not good :(

P.S Using VPS all the time.

I'm Grown as man.
Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Sep 12 2011 at 08:16
345 posts
Learn to trade manually. I know these Robots sound attractive, but you should put more faith in your own ability. You might just surprise yourself!

Sep 27 2011 at 06:36
30 posts
how to use this ea ? i have apply it to my chart but not working. can anyone sharing the ea setting ?

Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Sep 27 2011 at 07:05
345 posts
Try placing it in the rubbish bin!

Sep 27 2011 at 10:38
48 posts
chromeie - if you read this forum you would know the answer is that there is no way to make this EA work

If you can't get it to place trades you are lucky as if it does it will just blow up your account given time.

Kritsana Yeesunkaew (phoenicis)
Sep 27 2011 at 11:52
5 posts

   phoenicis posted:

Started Sep 01, 2011 with newest version of Fapturbo.

It's not good :(

P.S Using VPS all the time.

It's default setting.
Now i refunded(sep 21). i think Fapturbo is poor ea(low TP, Height SL).

I'm Grown as man.
Matthew L. Binns
Nov 27 2011 at 12:58
2 posts
Have tried this on live accounts with FxPro and Alpari UK, unable to make any kind of profit with either. Tried using default settings and settings recomemnded in FAPTurbo forum both won't make a profit

On the other hand the FAPTurbo Ichimoku EA which is included for free is making a profit on my live Alpari UK account, which in turn for me made this a good investment

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