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Gainsy PAMM Review Scores

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Total votes: 93
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Gainsy PAMM Discussion

May 20 2014 at 07:51
795 posts
I_Timch posted:
I've just decided to choose PAMM broker to try to invest, actually I am trading with Alpari and Gainsy and choosing the broker to invest in PAMM between them. And my little doubt consists in the following alpari minimum deposit amount to start manage PAMM acc is just $300 and to tell the truth it scares me a little, coz I also understand that if I deposit my money (I am going to deposit $2000) into an account managed by a guy who deposited only $300 to start manage the acc, so in this case my risks are high comparing, for example if taking into account min dep amount of gainsy - $5000 what gives me more confidence in such manager as he has put at risk such amount.. so I am pondering over it, but as I know both of them are really good brokers and whatever I won't be out of pocket 😄
I'll keep you informed! 😉

Let us know how well your Pamm account does.


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May 30 2014 at 08:18
2 posts

ralle (ralle)
Jun 03 2014 at 18:58
27 posts
Something is very strange to me here...EURNZD droped more or less 600 pips in less than 1 minute ???

Look at the closed trades of the manager 'HariOm'.

Is there a manipulation going on ?

EURNZD was not even near 1.6567 on 2014-05-23 ... last time it reached that high was in February !!!

Am I missing something ???


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Jun 15 2014 at 06:29
40 posts
I dont have a clear idea if this broker is a scammer or not, but at least it's suspicious that most of the users that have good words for this broker at this thread created their myfxbook profile the same days or just a couple of days before posting their comments (all positive) here.

GAINSY_2014 (GAINSY_2014)
Jun 16 2014 at 14:56
7 posts
Hello everybody!!
I represent GAINSY Company, first of all, I would like to thank you for your time and attention given to our Company. In such case I have to clarify the situation.
The reason is that at that moment our liquidity providers provided us with non-market quotation. Very seldom but it happens that brokers face such situation when their liquidity providers provide them with non-market prices.
The Company has revised everything and corrected each and every quotation for it to coincide with the market price at the respective moment.
We are once more appologizing to clients of MyFxBook and to our clients which could be affected by the situation.
We appreciate and thank all of our clients who confide in and remain with us!

Jun 25 2014 at 07:27
2 posts
Gainsy have the same Address than LoyalBank, this is a registered address only (Virtual Office), they haven´t got any real office. Warning!!

Cedar Hill Crest,
P.O. Box 1825, Villa,
St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
West Indies

Its not a real Gainsy office, and they have a Skype Number only (from London, UK)

Jun 27 2014 at 13:24
5 posts
So I invested 1K in the account of that manager I told you about, one thing - the rollover on his account was 1 M, I had some doubts but I sent him a message and he agreed to change it into 2 ws, so we will see how it goes 😄

Jun 27 2014 at 21:04
1 posts
Je suis contente que je les ai trouvés, le service est excellent et les conditions qu'ils offrent s'alignent parfaitement à mes besoins😄 Bon travail, les gars!

shuaisu (shuaisu)
Oct 01 2014 at 15:39
14 posts
why is Gainsy using a P.O. box address as their office address? very strange.

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mcymcy (mcymcy)
Oct 06 2014 at 08:33
270 posts
Stay away from Gainsy! is an impostor broker and stole clients funds!

Look what the fraud broker and fraud pamm manager did the account:

I tried to withdraw my money at the rollover time, but did not accept my withdrawn request and after that they blown the account on purpose. And totally $225.000 of the investors money was stolen.

After that had blocked my account and I can not login to my account... is fully fradulent company!

Now I'm investigating that how can I take back my funds... I contacted to SVG and I took that answer from them:

'Dear Cinar,


Please be advised that Gainsy Inc. is incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as an international business company (IBC). it is to be noted however, that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) does not regulate or supervise the activities of IBCs. Further, IBCs are not listed on the FSA’s website.


Kind regards,




Geshell Peters (Ms.)

Legal Officer

Financial Services Authority'

Beware of! Fully scam and fradulent company!!!

Also the guy named 'Martin' is an impostor and working with gainsy to find clients for

They stole clients money!

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