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Sakura FX Trading Review Scores

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Sakura FX Trading Discussion

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Dear Mark,

Sakura FX Trading has just set up this review page after we receive many request from our e-mail subscribers, demo and live account holders to leaf or read reviews.
And what? I did not ask about this at all

Not all this e-mail subscribers, demo and account holders have accounts, systems or are members of myfxbook.
If someone writes comment here on MFB he has to be registered member of MFB so I dont get your point

We have notify everybody after we have set up this new review page last week
who is everybody?

and i guess that if you want to leaf a review or just say anything in this discussion you will need to subscribe to myfxbook first
I am subscribed member of MFB for years, what are you trying to say?

, this not mean that this persons are fake or there remarks and reviews are fake!!
I did not say you are fake, but from your persistent defense of something I did not attack :) I would say you might be fake. Can you show verified MFB results of your followers?

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Hi Vontogr,

Sakura FX Trading has just set up this review page after we receive many request from our e-mail subscribers, demo and live account holders to leaf or read reviews. Not all this e-mail subscribers, demo and account holders have accounts, systems or are members of myfxbook. We have notify everybody after we have set up this new review page last week and i guess that if you want to leaf a review or just say anything in this discussion you will need to subscribe to myfxbook first, this not mean that this persons are fake or there remarks and reviews are fake!!

Best regards,
4862 posts
OliverFX posted:
Hello SuperTrader234,

I have opened a live account with Sakura and so far I have only positive things to say about them. Support has been very helpful and setting up the account was very easy. Only need proof of ID and address. Now I have withdraw some of the money after few months of good profit and I received it within 2 days to my bank account. Out of all copy services I have tried Sakura works the best and I planning even to add some funds in the future.
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Hi the Doctor,

I don't know how long you know Sakura but we before offer this via a copy EA and Signal start copy and MQL5 website so then all trades where open and live and anybody could see the trades and use them by their own broker.

I did not hear you or anybody else say then Sakura FX Trading is a scam and Ponzi scheme so first check it or wait for your answers or your requests before start to accuse anybody be fake and a scam!!

All clients/investors had different results because of the delay what happen with a copy EA or copy websites what could be up to 1 min later entry prices what could be as much as 5 pips different entry as us and because everybody uses a different broker with different spreads as we used and this also resulted in different entry and exit prices as much as an extra 2-3 pips in and out. If you know on 15 pips stop this could bring very different results or even clients/investors where stop out and we not and we get a winner and some of them a loser because of the different entry price and stops compare to us.

We had lots of clients with bad internet or where not use a VPS account what we advised or where not online so they miss trades, if you do 1 trade per day and 5 per week and 2 are losses and 3 winners and this clients/investor only get 3 of the 5 trades and the get 2 losses and 1 win also again the results are different as us.

We charged a monthly fee only it was too expensive for small account holders and too cheap for big accounts, we even see how some financial advisers use our trades and pay us $ 200, - while the copy our trades and pool accounts of their clients of 1 or 2 million and charge them profit share.

All this have lead us to make a change in the way we work and offer our product and services but not our trade and risk management that is always stay the same. For this reason, we have chosen to use a MAM system as this is the only way to guarantee that all clients get the same trades with same entry and exit prices and will not miss any trades because of bad internet or not have a VPS running.

Also lots of clients like to change their lots size what can also effect the results, if the win 2 or 3 trades the go over leverage and when the loss 1 or 2 trades with the much higher leverage (lots size) the place it low again and then when there after come 2 or 3 good trades they win small but the loss big, all this can't be done with the MAM system because we are the only ones who can change the lots size or leverage and this is why all our clients now have same results.

We not show 1 or 2 losing trading days per month!! We have 11-12 days winning and 8-9 losing days per month but when we loss we lose 15 pips only and when we win we win most of the time 25 pips and if you calculate we would normally make around 2% per month only because we leverage it times 5 we make around 10% all this numbers are not too good to be true but very realistic.

That we not show the trades live for this small trades who like to copy our trades with their friends or use a copy EA and offer their services by other copy trade website and ask a fee for this to others and for this financial advisers who really make a lot of money out of this as I describe before the financial advisers and other money managers as our traders are too easy to copy for them because it is only 1 trade per day and most of the time around a same time per day we take our entry and place our stops.

You can say that we can do it on a demo account by a other broker but this will mean that we will get a different results for the same reason I all describe above, first of all we could not take the same entry as we will be always later as there have to be always push the button first on our live clients platform and before our trader push the buy or sell button this could as much as 20-40 seconds later what could result in 3-5 pips different entry, then the spreads would be totally different as well to our own what again could be a different 1-2 pips extra in entry and exit what could mean 3-8 pips different in stops what will mean different results on trades with the small stops and profit targets we us.

Our trader has better things to do then to trade a demo account because you not trust us or Myfxbook, there are more easy ways to do, we will open for 2 days the open trades and open orders on our Myfxbook page that should be enough proof for you or anybody. I will make a screenshot of that and post it the next 2 days in this discussion and if you not trust that then wake up early and have a look yourself.

Best regards,
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You are regulated in Vanuatu. Come on, this is a bad attempt of a joke LOL.

Like Doctor said, why not connect a demo of lets say IC Markets and trade there for a week and lets see if the trades match. Nobody will copy your trades which you are apparently so afraid of. If you want to prove your trading is real, this is the way to do it not some screenshots which can be faked as well.

In my experience, when traders/managers start to make excuses to a simple request like this, there is something wrong. It is the same thing every time. So connect demo, trade for a week or nobody will believe you.

Also, people are not stupid. The users MegaInvestor1, SuperTrader234 and OliverFX were all registered on January 31st within 2 hours. The comments are blatantly self promotional. It is apparent those are your accounts and that you are writing comments from your other registered accounts. Everything about your company points to a scam and I am 99% sure that it is.
29 posts
Hi The Doctor,

We are not a unregulated broker as you say and we will not open a demo account by a other broker to proof you or anybody else that our trades are for real because you not trust myfxbook!!

The only thing we will do for you and anybody else who have problem to believe us is to place 2 live trades this week at the moment we take a entry and place it on this discussion chat to show you all that this are the same trades we place in our demo accounts and live accounts and myfxbook verified track record page.

We will take screenshots of the open positions of the account show on myfxbook.

Best regards,

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I have had a guy claiming the same about 2 years ago. He said all the same things which you are saying, had a verified myfxbook account and showing results once a day. Every now and then there was a loosing day but it happened max 2x per month. The results were too good to be true and later it came out that it was a scam.
I have a simple solution for you to prove you are for real. Open a demo account at a regulated broker, copy the trades there, connect to myfxbook and if the results match the trading on your own broker, it will be good enough for everyone. It will take you 10min to set it up and there will be no doubt you are for real. You can make open trades and open orders private. If you cant or wont do it, I have no reason to believe you are not a Ponzi. Fake results on myfxbook from unregulated brokers are all over an I am always skeptical when I see accounts like yours.
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Hi OlvierFx,

To bad that you have no believe anymore in Myfxbook and posts of others on this side and in us as a company.
if you think we are a ponzi scheme because we not share our trades live with you and the public you did not read or understand or want to understand our point of view we wrote here in this discussion to other members of myfxbook!!

The reason why we not show our trades live on Myfxbook and on the MT4 platform is to protect our trader source of income. We only earn on profit share and if we show to the public, in our demo account in member area or give our live account holders the investor password then it will be very easy for anybody to copy our trades and then we will miss out on any profit share. You can understand that anybody can open then a small account of $ 1.000, - by us to get the live trades and open by a other broker another account and just copy the trades there and not have to pay 25% profit share to us what will increase the result much more for any person and we do all the work for free!! I don't think anybody would like to work or give there product and services for free, or maybe this is what the new generation internet users think is normal like download movies and music for free with out thinking how the artist need to get paid for his work and efforts!

This Is the main reason why we do this and we understand that client/investor would like to know if this trades are real and there for we created a verified track record page with all trade details on Myfxbook what is at this moment the biggest and most reliable independent trading track record website and our page is:

We send out every day a e-mail in the morning what currency we take our trade when we just entry the trade only not the exact entry price and direction (for the same reasons as pointed out above as we like to earn on our work as it is to easy to copy trades to everybody this days) and we even can do for our most skeptic clients/investors like you for one or two days the exact entry price and stops if really necessary to prove our trades are real but we think if there is no believe and trust in myfxbook verified track record page then there is no use for you to look around on this page or other websites for any investments for you and just learn how to do it yourself.

It is easy to write skeptical and make accusations with a subscriber name that we are a ponzi scheme but i never hear your name on our live chat or in our e-mails asking us if our trades are real and that we are not any ponzi scheme!!

Best regards,
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I have a demo account with Sakura and it does not do anything for my confidence in their trading. There are just too many red flags. The brokers name is the same as the 'company', the results in demo account are posted after the trades are closed so they can easily be faked... It is just another Ponzi, like so many before here on myfxbook. It is sad really.
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